Civilization: Beyond Earth Sucks

After months of patching, Civilization: Beyond Earth still sucks. There’s not a lot to say because the game is so much worse than Civilization V I can’t believe it. I’ve finally uninstalled the game after my last attempt to enjoy it, and I will be just playing Civ5 from now on.


Bottom line, this is a crappier version of Civ5. I don’t feel like I’m making as interesting decisions, and I don’t feel like I’m making as many of them. The races are OK but why limit myself when I have so many in Civ5?


There is the new Rising Tides expansion which supposedly makes the game a little better, but I’m skeptical it’s just fan boys saying it’s good. I know Civ5 took some time to get where it is today, but I still enjoyed it on release. Beyond Earth just feels like a stupider version of Civilization with Firaxis trying to cash in on Alpha Centauri love. The sad thing is just remaking Alpha Centauri with better graphics and better AI would’ve made for a better game. Instead, I wasted my money on this on release day.


AHHH it’s frustrating. Literally this game would be better as a mod to Civ5 with reskinned textures than the crap they released. I don’t even understand how they got to this point.


OK enough ranting. Don’t play this game because:

Combat AI even worse than Civ5

The visuals aren’t very “other worldly”

Resources pods are lame

Diplomacy is the biggest joke in any 4x game since Civ 1!


So like I’ve said, Civilization Beyond Earth is now uninstalled (long overdue really). I did just check its Metacritic score and can’t believe it is sitting at 81. Who is reviewing this crap? I bet I can find 50 games better than Beyond Earth that scored less than an 81 in 2014 alone (when it was released). Clueless fools rating games cluelessly.


I don’ even want to play Civ5 it’s so aggravating so I’m just going to stop this post. Have a great week everyone! YAY!!

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