10 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Video Games


    We can only master certain life skills through experience. 

    Playing video games throws you into a world full of obstacles you must conquer to get to the next level. There are concepts to practice, skills to learn and problems to solve before you can unlock another level and enjoy more enticing rewards.

    In the course of playing, you will equip yourself with a range of life skills that can come in handy in your social, educational or professional life. Gaming deepens learning and understanding by encouraging mental adaptability, critical thinking, communication, team building and resourcefulness.

    Here are other crucial life lessons we can learn from video games:

    1.  No Obstacles? Change Direction

    When life is too comfortable, something is amiss. Comfort often means that you will not experience much growth. One of the critical rules of any game is that you must change your course if you find yourself not meeting any challenges or opposition.

    When a path in a video game or real life is packed with adversity, you can expect to learn and grow. If you want to improve your social or professional life, don’t run away from uncomfortable situations; face them!

    1. With Increased Difficulties Comes Increased Progress 

    Video games will always have varying types of challenges. When the challenge is more significant, the rewards are also more substantial. This does not change much when facing challenges in real-life situations.

    When playing a virtual game, you will receive a chest of gems or an added life once you win a combat with the worst monsters. Advancing to the next level will not be easy, but the rewards are glorious if you win.

    More arduous situations call for plenty of preparation. You need to have the proper knowledge to win, practice on the side and have the weapons necessary to knock down your opponent. If you don’t prepare adequately, you are doomed to fail and miss out on the promised “gems.”

    1. One Failure Will Not End Your Life

    Most classic video games equip each player with several lives when starting. On the other hand, modern console games provide a health bar that keeps recharging. 

    In life, the universe will also work in your favor as long as you keep trying!

    Life does not end at the first sight of failure. You have another chance to dust yourself and try once more. The trick is always to make the best of new chances to improve yourself and succeed. Your store of new lives is not infinite, and you cannot afford to waste the opportunities you get.

    1. Tutorials Are Life Savers!

    You should grab all learning opportunities with both hands. Game tutorials, for instance, give directions, share winning tips and generally make playing a game more practical. Skipping the tutorial may just doom you to losing the game within the first few minutes of an attempt.

    In life, any opportunity to learn is golden. You may not end up applying everything you learn, but a skill you master will come in handy at some point.

    Tutorials don’t make a game foolproof. There’s still plenty you need to figure out on your own to win a game. Still, they offer guidance that significantly increases your winning chances.

    1.  Explore

    When gaming, it’s easier to win when you follow a familiar route. However, your adventures are likely to be more interesting if you explore random directions, go off track and satisfy your curiosity before heading to your destination.

    Fortune favors the bold, whether in the gaming world or real life. It always pays to try something new and gain a new skill, an unexpected gem or a new experience. Explore because some of the most intriguing adventures are unplanned. 

    1.  A Little Help Can Go a Long Way

    You can miss out on all the good stuff of playing an MMORPG game if you are short on cash. In a game such as Amazon’s New World, earning coins the “correct” way by questing or selling loot is easier said than done. If you find it challenging to increase your banks, there is an easy way to increase your coins and play your game in your accordance.

    The easiest way to afford top-level gear, quality armor and resources is to buy New World coins. They will also enable you to enhance your character’s skill levels and better enjoy your journey. With some help, you can have greater access to accessories that enhance your charm and confidence.

    In video games, just like in life, there are always alternative ways of hitting specific goals. Some help can bring about opportunities that save you from pushing yourself to the edge.

    1. Be a Team player

    Riding solo is interesting because you only have to worry about yourself. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, you stand to enjoy more growth when you mingle with people and do good things for others. Working with other people forces you to put your ego aside, listen to the views and opinions, and use combined efforts to succeed.

    Players learn valuable life lessons when working together. They learn to complement each other and thrive despite their differences. When gaming and in life, you can move faster alone, but you can cover more distance with help from your buddies.

    1. Let Go Of What You Don’t Need

    At the start of any MMORPG game, you get the chance to gather skills, accessories and weapons. However, you have limited capacity, and you must be careful when choosing what to keep. Because you don’t have the option of hoarding everything, you have to drop stuff that you don’t need, irrespective of how precious it may seem.

    A load of stuff in the game makes it impossible to gather other precious items you bump into along your journey. In life, hoarding possessions, old memories or feelings that no longer work for you robs you of the chance to enjoy other great things life has to offer. Let go!

    1. It’s Never That Serious

    Overburdening your mind with the notion of winning will only stress you out and strip the joy from beautiful moments. When gaming, it is virtually impossible to win all combats—you win some, you lose some. During those moments when you get a good beating from the monsters, you owe yourself one hearty laugh as you face “death” in the eye.

    Games, just like life, are all about enjoying pleasurable moments of fun and feeling good. A strict winning mentality can narrow your focus and make you too obsessive. You must learn to take it easy to be truly happy, even as you learn and grow.

    1.  Life Is Not Fair

    Another life lesson we can learn from video games is that life is not always fair. You can check the tutorial, explore the map, be the best team player ever and still lose.

    Any avid gamer will tell you that winning requires thinking outside the box. If the traditional way of overpowering an opponent is not working, try something different. You can always employ fresh tricks to make your life a tad easier.


    There you have it; 10 life lessons we can learn from video games. Note that video games are pretty educational, and our list is not exhaustive.Here’s a patting tip; every problem can be tackled from multiple angles. 

    If you find yourself stuck and the “correct” tactics to employ aren’t working, it’s time to think outside the box.


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