3 Games That Can Actually Help You Develop Life-Improving Skills


If you like to play video games and you’ve done so through your childhood, you probably heard at least once something on the lines of “Video games won’t teach you anything” from a parent, teacher, or other adults in your life. However, our experience with video games is telling us something entirely different.

In reality, playing video games can boost brain function and aid the development of multiple life-improving skills, such as problem-solving, management, and so on. This is not just something a gamer says, as there is scientific proof to back up this fact.

If you are looking to develop or improve new skills, the following games can actually help.

Flight Simulator

If you think simulator games are nowhere close to reality, you are wrong, and Flight Simulator is here to prove it. The game was developed by Microsoft and served as an informal method of training for many aspiring pilots. In fact, we have a true story to prove it.

When an American boy excelled in his Primary Flight Training at a naval station in the country, surprising everyone with some amazing skills and making the admirals list, they asked him where he used to train before. He answered that he has no previous formal training, but he enjoys playing Flight Simulator over the weekends. It only took one year since this happened for both the Air Force and the Navy to add this game to their flight training courses, and things are going in an even better direction now.

Overcooked 2

The second game in the now-beloved series Overcooked puts the player in the role of a chef that wants to bring the best meals to all customers. The difficulty of the game increases with each level and can teach you a thing or two about running a business.

As the game progresses, you encounter challenges that, if overcome, will build up your career as a virtual chef. These challenges are also present in real life, so if you plan to launch your own restaurant, Overcooked 2 is a good demo to prepare you for that. Of course, if your pot catches on fire, it won’t be that easy to get back to work, but you can take this as a reminder to purchase insurance. Be it restaurant, bakery, or even home based bakery insurance, depending on your needs, it is a step you should not miss.

Guitar Hero

Video games, like Guitar Hero or Rock Band, often ask for the player’s undivided attention in order to succeed. If the player does not learn how to shut down distractions, they won’t be able to win these games. This is an important skill that can help you in real life as well, especially at work.

Just as with Guitar Hero, when you have to handle tasks that require your full concertation, you need to learn how to maintain focus on these tasks no matter what happens around you. Texts, emails, calls, or random chats with coworkers can wait, but a project that has a deadline by the end of the day needs to be tackled fast.


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