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3 Reasons to Remain Anonymous in an Online Discourse

3 Reasons to Remain Anonymous in an Online Discourse
Online Discourse

Hadn’t it been for the digital platform, many people would have never been able to voice their opinions. Keep in mind, out of 7 billion people across the globe, many don’t have access to technology, and the ones who do, many of them are introverts and don’t feel comfortable while discussing their opinions.

This is the main reason why experts suggest such people remain anonymous in online discourse. Here, we will guide you through a few benefits of doing it:

1.      Escape Trolls

One of the leading reasons to remain anonymous in online debate is to escape the trolls. Not to forget, trolling is the modern form of verbal harassment that can have a strong impact on your negative health. So if you want to be vociferous about your views, there’s nothing better than visiting John DOE to know more.

2.      Speak Confidently

If you want to talk about a social issue or something with the public’s interest, it is imperative to be confident enough when talking about it. However, many people are shattered when they receive hatred on the web for being vocal about their views. Luckily, by staying anonymous in online discourse, you will automatically be inclined towards becoming a better version of yourself.

3.      Give Hope to Others

It is not just you who is going to receive the backlash on the web but also the people whom you will be discussing. This is why staying anonymous is going to shield the identity of the victims as well. Try to give hope to others and speak for them openly on the digital platform. 


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