5 Common problems with Acer Laptop: Check Why?

    5 Common problems with Acer Laptop: Check Why?
    5 Common problems with Acer Laptop: Check Why?

    Acer is one of the leading companies for computers, mobiles, projectors, and monitors. One of the key reasons why people choose Acer in the first place is that it is budget-friendly and provides a good battery backup for people who work or travel a lot. But if you are an Acer user, you must be wondering if the laptop is so good then why my laptop is so slow.

    Truth be told, like many laptop brands, Acer laptops have their own problems, the major one being: they are slow. This decreases the use and efficiency of the laptops, making their users more and more frustrated.

    While old and reused Acer laptops are more likely to face the issue of being slow, oftentimes new products also face the same issue. Here is a list of the top five common problems with Acer laptops which make it slow:

    Quality issues: 

    Many Acer users complain that despite buying a brand-new laptop, it still fails to work fast. This means that this issue is not fixable by the customer, as there are no applications which make the laptop heavy, hence affecting its speed.

    This brings us to the conclusion that if Acer laptops are cheap and budget friendly, it is because of the fact that the manufacture of Acer laptops includes the use of cheap products.

    Many customers attribute the slow performance to the company’s poor choice of plastic casings, which heat up the computer quickly, hence resulting in slow performance. 

    Dull or black screen: 

    A common customer problem with the Acer laptop is dull screen, which is often described as a display issue that could to be related to the LED. However, others describe it as a problem that is concerned with backdrop illumination of the screen, which makes the screen appear dark.

    Nevertheless, the issue makes the performance of the laptop slow, as it restricts the user’s vision and hinders the work being done. Sometimes some users face the issue of the unclear screen image, instead of a dull screen. This is usually because the display configuration is not set properly, because of which the pictures appear to be stretched and thus unclear. 

    Keyboard malfunction:

    If your keyboard seems to not function properly- misses some keys, keys pop up, or pressing the keys brings about no action- then there is probably a problem in the hardware. This is probably because the keyboard chip is not attached properly to the motherboard or the motherboard is not working properly. This can make the laptop slow because it makes it dysfunctional for the user, hence affecting its efficiency. 

    5 Common problems with Acer Laptop: Check Why?
    5 Common problems with Acer Laptop: Check Why?

    Failure to start: 

    Most of the problems in the Acer laptops stem from the motherboard. If the laptop does not start, and maintains a black screen, it could either be a result of battery death or motherboard damage. Often times, it is not the death of a battery, but it is the malfunction of the motherboard.

    The motherboard is the main circuit board, and it is responsible for the basic communication between the components of the laptop and the central processing unit (CPU). You can think of the motherboard as the ‘bridge’ between your CPU and other components like the screen.

    When the screen does not light up, it is probably because the motherboard is unable to make the connection between the screen and the startup location. Some laptops (like the Acer laptops) have a greater tendency to experience a failure of the motherboard. 

    Loose DC Jack or USB port failure: 

    The DC jack is the connector that allows the current to flow into your laptop. Some Acer laptops do not have enough reinforcement for the DC Jack, which makes it more likely to be torn or wear off. A way to tell if your laptop’s DC Jack is loose is to see if your laptop only works with battery- if it does, then it probably means that the jack is loose and needs repair.

    The USB port refers to the port that connects your laptop to other devices that you use, for example, phone or computer. People connect their laptops to other devices for many reasons, including the transfer of data such as pictures.

    USB port failure thus refers to the laptop not detecting the connection of another device, despite the two being physically connected. Sometimes, the USB ports fail to work in Acer laptops due to fragile components, that either easily break or get damaged due to friction. 


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