5 Simple Tips on How To Improve Your Personal Gaming Experience


The rise of the gaming industry is no doubt phenomenal. It has captured the hearts of people, young and old alike. If you’re one of those gamers who are looking to improve your personal gaming experience, it is good to know some tips such as the following:

1. Boost your FPS by upgrading your graphics driver.

The computer’s graphics card largely influences one’s gaming performance. However, it will not be able to function at an optimum level if it doesn’t have the right software. Upgrading your graphics driver to its latest version will greatly help improve its performance and yours as well. If you have an Nvidia GeForce, opt for the driver marked as BETA. For any other graphics card owners, always check the brand’s website to see the latest driver. 

5- Simple- Tips- on -How- To- Improve- Your- Personal- Gaming- Experience

2. Try to upgrade to an SSD.

If you have a mechanical hard disk, better make the switch to an SSD because this will greatly reduce load time while you’re playing. Opt for an SSD that has at least more than 250 GB since most games today take up 8-20 gigabytes. Note that if you are to download Evil Within 2, Tomb Raider, Age of Empires III and Grand Theft Auto V and other mature games for adults you will already consume 60 gigabytes. Add in your personal data, Windows OS and any other applications and you can easily consume 256 GB in total. 

3. Rev up your graphics card with a slight overclock.

The power of your graphics chip also dictates how well you perform in your games. The graphics chip affects your performance more than the kind of processor or how much memory your computer has. In most cases, stuttering gameplay is usually caused by poor performance of the graphics chip. To boost its performance, try running your graphics card at a speed that is beyond what’s indicated in its factory settings. This process is better known by gamers as overclocking. Although this movie was deemed dangerous years ago. But, today most systems have the capability to turn themselves off once your graphics card is overclocked. But, don’t forget that you can only do a slight overclock, which means it should not be more than 15 percent of the recommended maximum setting. Do this with extreme care because overclocking could raise the temperature of all the parts in your computer. 

4. Make adjustments on your computer’s power settings.

Rev up your graphics card with a slight overclock
Rev up your graphics card with a slight overclock

Always observe effective power management. This is so crucial for gaming, especially when you are using a laptop. As much as possible see to it that your laptop is connected to the power outlet all throughout the duration of the game. In fact, very few devices are able to function optimally without effective power management. But, if you will use a laptop and are looking to play a game away from the power source, know that power management is so crucial. Windows provides detailed instructions regarding power management options. 

5. Consider your network speed.

Although your gaming performance is influenced by factors such as your software drivers, hardware and the overall configuration of your computer. But, if you are to play online, your network speed is just as crucial. A lot of problems could occur during the game if your network lags. This can also be caused by a slow connection between the router and your computer. A Windows Update will help see to it that your wireless network card has the latest drivers. However, if after a Windows Update and you will see no improvements in your network speed, try a wired Ethernet connection to the router. You may also consider using a gaming router as it has also been found effective in reducing network lag while online gaming. 

These are just a few of the many critical tweaks that you can do with your computer to be able to amp up your gaming experience. However, these tweaks are not done only once. If you are serious about being a gamer, remember that you need to do some updates or upgrades with your computer from time to time. So, make sure you’re always ready for changes. 

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