5 Steps On How To Find The Best Online Casino


    With so many online casinos available out there, you need to be careful when choosing where to part from your money. The Internet allows people to be anonymous, making a fraudster’s job easier as they can take people’s money from halfway across the world. That’s why you should verify your online casinos before playing with them.

    Today we have five tips that will help you do just that. When you keep these tips in mind and verify every site you use, you’ll be a lot safer when playing online Casino Games.

    1. Check Out Verified Casinos

    First, you need to know what a good casino looks like. If you’re here, you probably already know the big players in the online gambling world, in which case you’re already ahead.

    You clearly don’t want to just use those popular verified alternatives. Maybe you don’t like the scene or you were too lucky and got banned. Whichever is the case, you want to find a more niche online casino and you’re unsure of how to verify them.

    Bring up your potential gambling site and compare it to the more established ones. Naturally, it won’t look as polished and may not have an expansive collection of games, but the design shouldn’t be bad by any means.

    2. Judge The Website

    Next, judge the website itself. How does it look, even when you aren’t comparing it to popular alternatives?

    A well-made site is a labor of love that also indicates reinvestment, so it’s probably made by somebody who cares about the site and is providing a legitimate service. Looks aren’t everything – pay attention to the user interface and whether it’s easy or difficult to navigate.

    They should also have a healthy selection of games on offer, so you shouldn’t struggle with finding online casino games to play at the site. If they have very few games, that’s a red flag.

    3. Look For A Background

    Assuming the site passes the other tests, you need to look at the site to see if it has any background information. People/organizations that own the popular websites often have sections that allow you to contact them. They should also have a business behind the site that is registered and has its story documented somewhere online.

    If the owner of a website cannot be contacted, they are unaccountable for their actions and should be avoided. Also, check how long the site has existed. A gambling site that has been in the game for a decade is much more legitimate than one that sprung up overnight.

    Use websites that collect reviews or allow customers to speak in forums – there you should see other people’s experience with the casino and whether it is the real deal or not. If the red flags start piling up, you’re probably better off gambling elsewhere online.

    In many regions, casino sites need to be regulated by the relevant authorities that handle gambling establishments. Whether this is a govt. agency, a regulatory body, or just a popular private watchdog, they should all have info on the sites based on auditing. That’s where they check for illegality and other practices that could harm their customers.

    The biggest problem would be if the casino has a history of denying winners their money. Nobody wants to play at a casino only to get denied the prize if they win.

    4. File A Complaint

    Try out the ‘Contact Us’ section on the website to see if somebody is on the other side. Proper online casinos have businesses attached to them, which need outreach departments to address customer concerns.

    You’ll see an address, an email, and maybe a phone number listed under a gambling site’s ‘Contact Us’ section. Email and phone communications can be botted nowadays so, to make sure, ring the casino and try to speak to a human being.

    If people are on the other side to address your concerns, clocking in at a 9-5 job to do so, then it’s probably not a front for a scam.

    5. Place Money Into The Site

    The last but best way to test an online gambling website is to give it some money. Not a lot, of course, but just enough to play a game or two. Leave the money there for a short while and then try to withdraw it. If the site lets you withdraw it – that’s a good sign. If they don’t, you need to avoid that site, as they probably won’t pay when you win big either.

    Limit how much you put in, so you don’t risk losing a lot of money. Also, using services like Wise or PayPal is better for those who don’t want to share financial information with the website. You can also get a temporary email to make an account if you don’t want to risk your personal email getting spammed.


    By following these five steps, in the order that they are written, you can verify pretty much any online gambling site out there. If a site passes with flying colors, you have a green light to gamble away.


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