5 Things to Consider While Hiring Strata Cleaners in Sydney


Apartments have become increasingly common residential constructions in big cities like Sydney in recent years. Due to the increasing demand for real estate and limited land supply, apartments have become a popular choice among city dwellers. But the rise in the number of residents demands the need for increased maintenance of strata buildings which is no easy task. This requires services from professional strata cleaners in Sydney who can effectively maintain common spaces around the apartment without any hassle.

Why Hire Strata Cleaners?

Strata cleaning services provide professionals to ensure that all the hard surfaces are swept, dusted, vacuumed, and mopped. They dispose of trash, pick litter, clean the parking lot, doors and windows, sanitise common areas, maintain swimming pools and lawns, disinfect shared bathrooms, elevators, steps, walkways, and carpets in the building.

Hiring strata cleaners can seem like an expensive venture, but it is wise to decrease the expenses on building maintenance when considered in the long term. If an apartment complex is well maintained regularly, it results in fewer damages, accidents, and pricy repairs. Plus, it increases the building’s life and forms a great first impression on visitors and potential residents, not to mention the increase in the satisfaction of the current residents.

Before hiring strata cleaners, it is essential to know the size and the present condition of the building to decide on the extent of the services that would be required of them.

1)    Consult a Professional

Maintaining an enormous apartment building requires trained professionals to identify potential issues, resolve them, and provide high-quality service. A good cleaning company has certified professionals who can do an initial check of the building to assess the condition and then provide the necessary assistance. A set of experienced cleaning experts with hands-on experience would be well prepared to take on any challenge that the building poses.  

2)    The Right Equipment

Credible cleaning professionals ensure that the staff completes their tasks with the highest standards using the best equipment available. Their equipment needs to be tested, tagged and well-maintained to ensure thorough cleaning of floors, windows, and surfaces that are usually victims of dirt and grime. Abrasive cleaning could lead to the deterioration of the building construction. Therefore, the right professionals with the right tools and skillset are vital.

3)    Reasonable Pricing

Maintaining strata buildings is not an inexpensive task. Therefore, one needs to ensure that they don’t fall for cleaners who demand unjustifiable pricing for their services. It is recommended to research the average price charged by the cleaners in the area, request estimates from the desirable ones, and compare the service providers’ charges before deciding.

4)    Environmental Consideration

Sustainability has become the need of the day. When people hire professionals to use heavy equipment to clean large apartment complexes, they should ensure that this does not negatively impact the environment. They must ask the details about the equipment and cleaning agents used by the company and ensure their safety.

5)    Safety Protocols and Insurance

A standard cleaning company follows a strict pre-devised protocol for the staff to follow in their routines and during any unforeseen accidents. They must adhere to the safety guidelines provided by global bodies like the  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) to ensure the protection of the residents and the staff.

Thorough cleaning and routine maintenance are essential to ensure safety and health, which the best strata cleaners in Sydney can provide.  

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