5 Writing Games for High School Students


All people, regardless of age, like to play. Since childhood, the term “game” has been associated with positive emotions. In addition, the player knows in advance that he can make a mistake, lose, try again, and succeed in the game. Consequently, the game eliminates the fear of making a mistake, while in reality, this very fear is the main obstacle to activity.

Assimilating new knowledge through the game is easy and unnoticeable for the student. Further, the learning process stimulates itself – the better a person understands a particular subject area, the more interesting it seems. Thus, games can be involved in the educational process and increase motivation to study.

Main Functions of Games

According to professional academic writers from SmartWritingService,  a high school essay writing service, who are engaged in writing quality papers to order, there is a wide variety of online games that contribute to the development of the writing skills of high school students. In addition, the same game can perform several functions:

  • Educational functiondo my dissertation, such as writing, reading, perception of information of various modalities;
  • Entertainment function – creating a favorable atmosphere, receiving positive emotions;
  • Communicative function – establishing emotional contacts;
  • Relaxation function – removal of emotional tension caused by stress on the nervous system during intensive training;
  • Psychotechnical function – the formation of skills for preparing the physiological state of the players for more effective activity, restructuring the psyche to assimilate large amounts of information.

The game itself is a very flexible form of learning. It assumes imitation of situations corresponding to the implementation of real actions within the framework of the proposed model. As a result, students receive more solid assimilation of knowledge.

Top 5 Games for Developing Writing Skills 

Below is a list of relevant online writing games for high school students. Review it carefully and study the short description of each game. This will help you decide on the best game and develop your writing skills without any difficulty.

Word Confusion

This is an interesting online game that will help you learn English grammar and develop writing skills. The essence of the game is that you get a sentence that lacks one word. In addition, you have two options. Finally, you select the right word for the content. This original game teaches high school students English words that can be difficult and confusing. This includes, for example, the following pairs of words: advise and advice, except and accept, their and there, etc.

The Plural Girls 

This game will be valuable for those who have some difficulty writing nouns. If you want to learn how to write English plural nouns correctly, then you should definitely play “The Plural Girls.” There is an opportunity to play by choosing one of the available formats: write a word independently or choose one of the two suggested ones. Of course, the second form is more complicated than the first.

You can also choose between difficulty levels. The first is better suited for those who know English at the Elementary-Intermediate level. The second is better for those who have mastered English at the Upper-Intermediate level and above.

Grammar Gorillas

This exciting game is often chosen by those who need to learn various speech parts. There, you will be provided with two sentences and asked to select a particular piece of speech. If you complete the assignment efficiently – your gorilla will get a banana, and if not – it will stay hungry.

Rooting Out Words

This exciting game will give you essential information about word formation. You will receive a certain number of words united by one common root. Next, you will need to determine its meaning. The game provides several available answer options. With a bit of thought, you should answer. If the answer is correct, you will receive points. By practicing the game regularly, over time, you will determine the root meanings even without a glossary.


This game is quite difficult and is suitable for high school students with a level not lower than Intermediate. But it is beneficial. With its help, you can easily learn words, practice familiar writing concepts, and improve your knowledge of geography. At the start, you will be asked to choose from three topics (classic dictionary, US capitals, world capitals) and three levels of difficulty. Then, once you prefer, you can start the game.

In the game “Knoword,” you need to guess the word by its meaning. You will receive a description of the concept in English, as well as its first letter. Next, you need to write the word correctly, after which you will get the next task. Time constraints should be taken into account. At first, you only get a minute and a half. However, you can add time and points by correctly guessing the concept. Points will be deducted for mistakes.

So, as you can see, there are many interesting writing games that high school students can use. In addition to those mentioned here, “Fun Factory – Punctuation & Capitalization”, “English Media Lab”, “Read Write Think”, “Quill”, “Language is a Virus”, etc. are also popular. Each game has its own characteristics and aims to develop certain writing abilities of students. Therefore, choose the one First, youyou like the most and spend your time with the benefit!

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