6 Things You Didn’t Know About Bingo


Bingo is a game that has gained popularity since it was first played in Italy in the 1530s. This game started as a way of having fun, but now you can play bingo to win prizes wherever you are. It is easy to learn how to play bingo through interacting with other players and understanding the rules of the game. For you to win, you have to mark off numbers on a ticket as they are called out, and if you are the first to get the winning combination, you shout bingo! This indicates that you are the winner and the feeling is unexplainable. Whether you are a big fan or a beginner to this game, here are some of the things you did not know about it.

Bingo was known as beano

Beano is the original name of bingo as it was back in Italy, and it only came to change its name in the USA. The game reached North America in the 1920s and was first played at a carnival near Atlanta. One player accidentally shouted bingo, and she was heard by a Jewish immigrant and toy salesman named Edwin Lowe. Lowe felt that the name bingo sounded better for marketing purposes, and that is where the beano officially came to be known as bingo. Lowe developed the game and marketed it. He purchased the copyright of the game from a couple who were playing it on their yacht.

You can win money and prizes

You can win money and prizes

Bingo is a game that gives fun as you interact with new people online. You can play bingo online and have a chance to win a jackpot among other valuable prizes. You can also try playing the free spins where you can win prizes.

Bingo was used in Germany as a teaching tool

Bingo arrived in Germany in the 1800s and was used in schools by the teachers as a learning tool. Bingo is a game of numbers and letters, and it was therefore used as a fun way of teaching students multiplication.

Bingo nicknames

There are many nicknames which you should familiarize yourself with to have an easy time when playing bingo. The nicknames are supposed to simplify the caller’s work by avoiding confusion when calling out the numbers. There are rhymes for each number from 1 to 90 and some have been used for decades. Some of the familiar and funny nicknames are “legs” for eleven and “two fat ladies.”  

Bingo is good for your brain

When looking for something to keep your brain alert and sharp all the time, consider playing bingo. Bingo is a game of accuracy and speed, and this makes your brain perform mental tasks faster.

There are over 1,474,200 different winning combinations

Carl Leffler was the first Colombia University math professor to develop the number of combinations in bingo cards, and by 1930, about 6,000 different bingo cards had been developed. The increased combinations eliminated repetitions of number groups and conflicts while playing the game, which made it more interesting and relevant.


Bingo has come a long way since it was first played in 1930, and it can only get better, especially with the use of the internet. You can play bingo anytime from the comfort of your home and join the huge fanbase online. You just need a reliable online company to start having fun and possibly even making money

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