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7 Best PDF Editors for Financial Companies

7 Best PDF Editors for Financial Companies

The financial industry like many others requires precision and organization due to the sensitive nature of their work. This means that documentation for financial businesses is not only reasonable but vital since failure to properly document the businesses comings and goings could have tax and legal ramifications. The financial industry and companies therein use a variety of technical instruments and programs to navigate the immense amount of data and calculations that they must sort through. While there are a variety of different tools at their disposal, one of the most important is the PDF and the PDF editor that they use to input and clarify information. 

In the area of finance, there are many potential issues and pitfalls that might befoul a company but one of the ways to limit the myriad of issues is the use of a great PDF editor. The reason for this is a proper PDF editor can fulfill a variety of functions such as documentation and security.  Being able to document and show your information to clients, potential investors and even those working at the company enhances not only the reputation of the company but also protects the company on a legal basis since for tax reasons it is important to document every transaction that the company engages in which could be later scrutinized by legal authorities.

Being able to document and secure your information is important, but how do we choose a PDF editing software? Here is a list of some of the most prominent PDF editors on the market right now. Although they all have some benefits to offer, some might be constructed in such a way that they might be more helpful to finance companies; therefore, it is good to take a look at what they offer. 

Lumin PDF

Lumin PDF is a great asset for finance companies or any company that works with G-Suite.  Lumin PDF is a PDF editor that works with Google and helps companies process their information via Cloud technologies allowing for quick updates to PDFs which can be a great tool in the fast-changing world of finance. Many people can be discouraged by the prices of some PDF editors but for a serious company, an online PDF editor is never going to be a cost-prohibitive purchase and this is especially true relative to what a product like Lumin PDF can do to increase profits if used well.


Sejda PDF is useful and well known for its comfortable and easy-to-use interface that allows people who are not so familiar with many complicated editors to be able to use it effectively. This can be a benefit to finance companies since it allows for less time spent on training of staff and more time spent on the actual work. In addition to this, Sejda is a very versatile PDF file editor which can be used in a variety of situations which can be helpful since the world of finance does not exist on an island unto itself but rather is tied into a myriad of other industries.


Small PDF is a great tool that works well considering its small size and simple interface. Much like Sejda it is simple to use but lacks some of the features that you might get in some other online PDF editing tools. For finance companies, SmallPDF can be useful but will come with some limitations. It really depends on the needs of the finance company. If the main use they need from a PDF editor is to be a utility for spreadsheets then it will be a very worthwhile tool for them.


PDFescape is a popular online PDF editor that comes with many useful features and is largely geared to word-processing and highlighting information. For finance companies, PDFescape would best be used as a general PDF editor whose main purpose should be in creating fillable pre-made documents for their employees to use. PDFescape is an affordable PDF editor with many features that can work to create a solid financial documentation framework for a company.

PDFelement 6

PDFelement is a very popular and well-known PDF editor that has a very global appeal. It is one of the most commonly used for international business due to its language support which makes it a versatile tool in the hands of multinational companies of which most finance companies are to some extent. PDF element has a less user-friendly interface and has more of a learning curve than some other editors, but it has more high-end use due to its large range of functionalities. In the area of finance, PDFelement has one the larger audience sizes due to this.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the most famous editors and due to its popularity, it is considered one of the best, but is this the case? While it is very popular, for some purposes there are probably some better PDF editors, particularly in regards to finance; however, it is still a very good and useful tool in the right hands. It can be expensive and has a difficult-to-use interface that obscures its usefulness which is the main issue. It does have some good tools for the areas of finance but will require some time to learn and be put to use in a practical sense in an office setting.

Nitro Pro 10

Nitro Pro is perhaps a less commonly known but more respected online PDF editor than Adobe Acrobat. Although it is not as well known, it can be very useful and comes with a simple interface similar to other PDFs on this list. Nitro Pro 10 comes with some interesting financial tools that could be useful for finance companies or other companies in general. Unlike Adobe Acrobat though, it does not feature the same learning curve which means it is easier to use for staff. For finance companies, there are many roles a PDF editor needs to fill. The obvious would be the editing, creating, and digital signing of forms and maintaining security, but some of these editors come with special finance-related options (if you can navigate to them). When choosing an online PDF editor, find which one works best with what your company is trying to do relative to its overall goals


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