7 Lost Ark Tips You Should Know


Lost Ark was originally developed in December 2019 by Smilegate, a South Korean video game developer in collaboration with Tripod studio. This video game has been played by South Koreans for two years before it was recently introduced to the Western gaming world.

When playing, the world of Arkesia welcomes you, so get ready for an exploration of mystic lands. Sail through seas, teleport within continents and build in this game of wit and might. As you go on quests, level up and collect essential items that will aid your victory.

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So without further ado, here are 6 tips for Lost Ark:

Early Starters

Explore the land of Arkesia, and take on side quests so that you can be offered more XP and beneficial rewards. Claiming collectibles will make awesome prizes like the stat increase potions available. While exploring this adventurous realm, visit the dungeons in normal mode. Although the hard mode dungeons offer somewhat better loot, they still have the same XP level as the normal mode.

Save every selection chest and other unknown battle items you see in the game. Weapons like the grenade are practical for raids and crowd control against many enemies.

Change Classes Easily

In Lost Ark, you can choose a class among 15 classes. However, do not limit your adventurous spirit to only the quests. Explore the different classes at any stage in the game and pick the one that best suits your gaming style. When your main character is at max level, you can create alternative characters, and send them on missions for gold.

Explore Arkesia

You will not enjoy this adventure-filled game if you only play the main missions and go for the endgame. Lost Ark is a game of fantasy and lore, but like other adventure-themed games like Kingdom Hearts 3 Demon Tower, it is very engaging and refreshing. One of the best ways to explore is to quickly unlock sailing, and start exploring the Islands. These quests give you honing objects while side quests award you roster rewards.

Travel system

Utilize Triports and mounts as you journey through the game. Triports allow you to teleport through continents. Teleporting will cost you some silver which can be easily replaced. Silver is not as valuable as gold, it is the only currency for trade with other players.

So, save your gold and spend your silver. Click the Triport icon on your main map to get to the nearest one. Quickly claim new Teleporting stations, they will make your travel experience more convenient.

The stead granted to you at the end of the prologue, allows you to progress through Arkesia at a faster pace. As you sail through seas to travel into different continents, visit the nearest Triport in a continent’s port. This will grant you access to the Ocean liner, which is a faster travel system than sailing.

Pets are great comrades

The animals in lost Ark video games and its other games are not only companions but amazing allies. They pick loot for you and provide minor combat rewards. With an active crystalline aura, they will allow you to enjoy facilities like storage, repairs, and the market (if you are away from town).

Get your first pet (for free) at the ‘learning about pets quest’ in Prideholme. If you do not want pets in your game, turn off their display button under gameplay in settings.

Skill effects

Apply the appropriate positions for every skill effect to achieve maximum damage. Stagger skills drain the stagger gauge and make your enemy vulnerable to your most damaging skill.

Counter skills stop your enemy’s attacks and give massive damage to your opponent. Each skill effect is under Combat skills. Read through your skills to identify the right one for every situation.

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