9 Awesome Apps to Learn for Kids While Playing


Apps to learn while playing

Children today are so familiar with the technology that it is no longer strange that parents have applications on their devices to play and share time with them.
When applications are balanced with other activities and active games, they can offer incredible learning potential.
With responsible use, mobile phones and tablets can be a very powerful tool for the education of children. To make this task easier in this list you will find some of the best applications of different topics, from alphabet learning to interpersonal skills, as well as creative games.

Talented and Gifted

The Kids Academy: Talented and Gifted app  provides a friendly learning framework for preschoolers and elementary students. It is loaded with a wide selection of play activities and features bright stylish graphics. 

This learning app for kids allows children to study independently and explore a variety of topics: from the first ABCs and early number sense to bar graphs, magnetism, social communities, and even chess basics! The young users can exchange their rewards for fun costumes for Eddie the Elephant, the app protagonist! The weekly reports are handy for parents in tracking their child’s progress

1. AbcZoo

With this application children will be able to know the vowels and become familiar with the alphabet thanks to the entertaining drawings of animals that accompany each letter, ideal for preschool children. In addition, they can draw and color the funny images.

2. Alphabet for children

This app is ideal for the little ones in the house to start associating graphics with letters, numbers and sounds. It has three levels of difficulty, so it is ideal for beginners or slightly older children. Both its aesthetics and its operation is very appropriate for children who give their first touches in this world.

9 Awesome Apps to Learn for Kids While Playing
9 Awesome Apps to Learn for Kids While Playing

3. iCuadernos by Rubio

This application is ideal for learning how to perform simple numerical operations. It has an owl that acts as a tutor and shows where the faults that the children committed, so they can correct their mistakes and know why they made them. In addition, depending on the age, some sections or others adapted to your level of knowledge are recommended.

4. BioMio

This application aims to teach the little ones to recognize different animals. Spread throughout three ecosystems bursting with life, with a simple touch you will wake up, at the same time that the device pronounces the name of the animal in question. Simple but effective.
It stands out for its striking colours and also betting on flora, something that many other applications often ignore.

5. Toontastic 3D

Toontastic 3D is very easy to use. Children can draw, animate and tell their stories. It offers a large number of characters and sets to tell the stories.
Also, it has an editor to draw own characters or customise existing ones. Allows you to use the camera to add photos.
The first application was successful in many classrooms around the world, as it helped children in creative writing processes, by allowing students to create anything straightforwardly, from stories, reports about books or presentation designs.
This new version has templates for science works and short stories. In very few steps the child will have created his cast of actors to start counting and recording his story.

6. Colouring drawings

This app is focused on entertainment but also makes children learn something.
With more than 600 different drawings your child can spend hours and hours entertaining while colouring with their fingers.

7. Tangram

This application is a game, but you can get a lot of juice. It consists of forming figures from a series of geometric pieces that fit perfectly with each other.
Although it is focused for slightly older children, it is perfect to develop its logical-mathematical capacity and to reason while having fun before the challenges posed by the game.

8. Puleva Great challenges

Great challenges is an application that is divided into three, depending on the age of children: one of 0-2 years, another 2-3 years and another 4-7 years. Each one has six different games, and you can quickly develop them by  Game app developers that exercise the so-called eight multiple intelligences: interpersonal, mathematical logic, spatial visual, naturalistic, rhythmic musical, kinesthetic body, verbal and intrapersonal linguistics.
In addition to entertainment, seeks to strengthen children’s self-awareness and internalisation of healthy habits such as food, physical exercise and care of the environment.

9. Lola’s Alphabet Train

Lola’s train will take the little ones through a trip where they can learn the alphabet and several words depending on the difficulty they choose.
The best thing about this is that you can learn the alphabets in 12 languages: Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Russian, Swedish and Spanish, being a kind of Duolingo designed for children.

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