9 Free & Fun Classroom Games & Activities for Nursing Students


Reviewing your massive books and examining all your notes is not fun. In fact, they are dull and can turn you on to sleep. Well, if you want to make learning a lot more fun and exciting, why not play? It is a brilliant idea to expand your educational methods.

That’s why I’ve gathered these classroom games and activities for nursing students.

Oh, and here’s the kicker? Each of these games is completely free for anyone to use or experience. So, let’s begin.   

Free games for Nursing Students

Nursing is serious stuff, and the nursing school expects you to take your training seriously. However, the nursing school doesn’t have to be dull and repetitive. According to the University of Valladolid’s nursing faculty, implementing games helps nursing students to develop empathy, clinical practice, safety, and patient management skills. The free classroom games for nursing students are pretty good because everything becomes slightly easy when it’s funny!

  • Nursing Quizzes Game

Quizzes are always a hit with students, regardless of the topic. Nursing gaming works similarly.

RegisteredNurseRN.com provides 10-question quizzes that can be enjoyed in a small group or pairing.

  •   Disaster Triage Nursing NCLEX Questions
  •  Medication Abbreviation Frequencies Time and Orders Quiz    

If you have access to a large screen, you can administer it to the entire class by asking students to note their answers on paper (to avoid them finding the responses).

  • Nursing Jeopardy Game

JeopardyLabs offers free nursing students Jeopardy games, ideal for classroom practice. It all runs through the browser, so no need to worry about setting any configuration. The categories of the questions include Infection Control, Disease Processes, Personal Care, Nursing Abbreviations, Nursing Diagnosis, Nursing Education, and much more.

The questions display according to the scores you earned, and you can also monitor each team’s result.

All you have to do is define as many teams as you wish to play, then press “Continue” to launch the game. 

  • Nobel Prize

The NobelPrize is hosting stunning scientific achievements from all over the world. This site also features helpful educational games.

These games use Flash, so learning is definitely more enjoyable to the eyes.  

  • Learning Nurse

Learning Nurse contains absolutely a hundred nursing games and tons of trivia questions to practice. There is stunning material covered, with questions on topics like Medical Abbreviations, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Histology, Diseases, Dosages, and more.

This website employs various game strategies, which keep the training amusing and attractive to students. Learning Nurse games are developed in html5, guaranteeing a faster and best game experience on desktops or mobile devices. 

  • Study Stack

Study Stack includes a great collection of nursing content and activities in multiple game types and layouts. Some games on offer are quiz, hangman, puzzle, Flash Cards, unscramble, type-in, study table, crossword, matching, and many more. 

There are numerous tutorials included with this game, allowing you several options to explore. In addition, you can turn the game you play into another format for enhancing your skills. In fact, if you are going to review for the NCLEX, this resource has thousands of flashcards to test out.  

Practical Nursing Students Classroom Activities 

Here are some ideas for assignments or projects you can do in a student nursing classroom, with students forming small groups.

  • NCLEX Practice Questions 

Pair students up and ask them to write about ten different NCLEX review-style test results based on various nursing terms or class subjects. You can find many useful topics on the StudyClerk research paper helper. Ensure that they will incorporate incorrect answers in a mixture with the correct ones. Then ask the peers to submit their test and answer suggestions. When the classmates cast their final word on the proper response, ask the partner who represented the trivia to reveal the correct information and share their reasoning behind the correct and incorrect entries.  

  • O2 Nurse Bingo

Provide your students with an overview of O2 bingo by making bingo boards with O2-related Terms. Afterward, pose some questions to learners and instruct them to note the answer on their board. The bingo game can be more extensive to include a variation of the nursing topics and associated illustrations. For one creative idea for a final exam, ask each student to develop their own bingo card and write questions about a particular nursing topic. Then invite the group of students to perform a bingo game in order to reinforce the idea.   

  • Lecture Thoughts  

Award a private reading block to the students for reading practice. Then, ask them to take a cue to write about at least three things they realized while reading. This insight may be relevant to daily routine and clinical work. In this way, such games help to enhance mental focus and creative thoughts. Due to these games, there is no need to seek the help of nursing essay writing services with professional academic writers.  

Ask students to volunteer to answer their classmates’ questions from the lecture. It is an excellent and brief, active in-class activity to reinforce students’ readings and encourage them to write.  

  • Clinic to Classroom Experience! 

Every week, a student should draft a report case scenario relying on a former patient whose medical history connects to the principles introduced in the course. Instruct this student to deliver her/his presentation. Afterward, let the classmates discuss possible answers to the questions posed in the case study. Finally, the student speaker must lead the discussion about the clinical case study and provide the “correct answers” that the student leader has prepared based on preparatory searches and actual clinical experience with the patient.  

Taking care of patients and ensuring they take their prescribed meds can be overwhelming and stressful for many nurses, particularly those new nursing students who are not familiar with the learning process. With the challenges of being a nursing student, it is necessary to spend time relaxing in order to avoid burnout. 

Thanks to these free classroom games for nursing students, you can relax, refresh your knowledge and your medical skills in addition to your pharmaceutical essay writing skills while having great fun with this perfect combination.

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