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A Sense Of Solace That Can Be Found In Video Games Protecting From The Harsh Realities Of The World

In the current scenario, especially during this time of raging pandemic stress and anxiety have become an integral part of everyone’s life be it, adult or children, no one has been able to escape from this intense stress and anxiety. Initially, the 21st century even during the regular times was marked by extremely fast-paced life, hectic schedule, and lack of opportunity to get relaxation in the daily mundane of life.

In such a situation one needs to have some sort of arrangement to get the required relaxation to work efficiently and keep their mental health sane. Without getting the required relaxation, people may be at risk of facing burnout that may disrupt the work personal life balance which in turn would put a huge toll on the individual’s mental health as well as physical health.

Relaxation during earlier times before the world was hit by the dangerous coronavirus pandemic…

In the initial days, when everything was normal and the world was not hit by the wrath of the extremely dangerous coronavirus pandemic, people found solace in social gatherings, get-togethers, weekend gateways, vacations, etc. A small percentage of people especially introverts would enjoy staying at home, reading books, playing video games, etc. Alone. But the pandemic changed the situation.

People all over the world were forced to follow lockdown rules strictly, got stuck at home, was unable to travel or meet up with friends like before due to strict restrictions to curb the spread of the virus. The situation became tremendously overwhelming for all. In such a situation finding other forms of entertainment became extremely necessary to reduce stress and anxiety levels and also to save oneself from getting bored being stuck at home.

Relaxation in the present times 

As mentioned earlier, initially, the number of gaming fans was comparatively low than what we are witnessing today. This can be attributed to the advancement of the pandemic which left only a few options in front of the people all over the world as a means of satiating their needs of entertainment, relaxation and also a means of escaping all the stress, boredom, and anxiety that most of the people are experiencing daily these days. Easy and entertaining games like World of Warcraft Classic games, reading books, watching movies online, etc. Are the only entertainment options that are available to the public right now.

Psychological angles to consider in case of gaming

Certain Psychologists all over the world give consensus on the fact that playing too many online video games can be detrimental to one’s mental health, can cause gaming addiction issues, reduce concentration levels, cause irritability, aggression, reduce patience levels, significantly reduce cognitive ability and take a toll on one’s eyes too. Thus one must indulge in playing online video games within a certain time limit. But it has to be noted and remembered that some of the major psychologists also provide consensus on the fact that if video games are played regularly within certain time limits then it can provide many benefits too, which are

  • It acts as an easy source of entertainment specifically during this pandemic time the relevance of multiplayer games like wow classic games is much important. It provides a temporary escape from reality where an individual can play alone or collaborate with friends and get a taste of regular life before pandemic by role-playing, buying wow classic gold from relevant websites, and using them as a mode of transactions just like money in the real world, in short, getting all the essence of regular life but without the stress and anxiety. 
  • Playing multiplayer online video games helps in increasing the ability to work in groups and teams.
  • Playing online video games helps in developing cognitive ability and organizing ability as well.
  • Online video games like wow classic games enable the players to buy wow classic gold and deal in them. These coins are similar to real money that we use in the real world. Dealing with classic gold coins on regular basis helps the users to develop the skill of dealing in currencies in real life and also helps in running expenses of daily life efficiently.
  • Certain video games such as car racing games, fighting games, etc. Helps in developing better hand-eye coordination of the player.
  • Online video games also help in improving the speed and dexterity skill of the player.
  • Some online video games proactively help in developing the cognitive ability of the player.
  • There are many online video games available on the interest-free of cost for all age groups where the players can gain a lot of knowledge about vocabulary, comprehension, arithmetic, word meaning, spelling, etc. Through games without feeling bored. Moreover, knowledge gained through such games would be long-lasting due to their high appeal and interesting nature. 

About Wow classic games 

Earlier in this article, we have mentioned a lot about wow classic games. Now we will explore in more detail. Wow classic is an online video game that was launched in the year 2019 by Blizzard Entertainment company. From then onwards it gained much popularity among gamers all over the world due to its easy and entertaining gameplay options. Players have the opportunity to buy cheap wow classic gold and deal with them in virtual gaming worlds like real money, role play as humans, goblins, dwarves, etc. And enjoy the game to their heart’s content. This can be an easy and entertaining way to get entertainment and escape from the stressful and anxious situation of the pandemic at least temporarily.


Thus through this article, we have discussed the importance of playing online video games specifically in the current pandemic situation which would enable us to get entertainment maintaining all the safety measures in the process. We have also discussed wow classic games that players can opt for the sake of entertainment and buy cheap wow classic gold from relevant websites and enjoying dealing with them in wow classic gaming world free from worldly worries at least for some time.

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