All-Time Top Golf Video Games

All-Time Top Golf Video Games
Golf Video Games

Golf is ageless owing to its uniqueness, and the same applies to specific golf video games as well. To understand golf games, it’s probably best to understand golf as a sport, and if you want to spend more time doing it, check out scientific research paper writing service and enjoy excellent information on everything you need.

Video games are the new frontier for sporting entertainment, especially in the wake of global tragedies such as the Covid-19 health pandemic, which forces many to stay at home.

The Best All-time Golf Video Games

The gaming industry has produced excellent gaming options. It has catered for both the nostalgic and next-generation players with cracking graphics. Golf as a sport heavily features in this sphere of electronic games and offers a perfect respite for those who can’t head out to golf courses because of one reason or another. So are you clueless on what available golf gaming options exist? Here is a sample of the ageless golf video games you can never get bored using.

  • Computer Golf! It is one of the earliest golf video games released. The game is frustrating in the least but perfectly mirrors the real golf experience, which is equally disappointing as well.
  • Leaderboard. Founded and released in 1986, it formed one of the best-selling games the next year in 1987 and was very popular to the extent that it led to follow-up developments. It ran on virtually every platform and was originally from Access Software. Microsoft later acquired it. 
  • Trevino Lee’s Fighting Golf. It depicted advancement in computer games just a decade after the launch of the first game- Computer Golf. Trevino depicts Super Mex, who is a playable character. You can also use the identity of, Miracle Chosuke, Big Jumbo, or Pretty Amy while playing.
  • 1990’s PGA Tour Golf. It consists arguably of a video game with the most success in every period. The game was first released in 1990 by Electronic Arts (EA), arriving in multiple household consoles such as the Mac, SNES, and Amiga. Later in 1993, it was released on Sega Master System. It impressed to an extent where Mega magazine listed it as tenth in their games of the all-time top mega drive.
  • Sensible Golf. The game was among the series that featured Sensible Soccer, which became popular with football gamers. However, it never scaled the same heights of success. It features borrowed graphics and characters from sister series like Cannon Fodder and Sensible Soccer, which blend in to produce an excellent golf arcade. The game as criticized for the lack of realism and depth.
  • Everybody’s Golf. The developers designed it with a golfing fun take in mind so that both serious golf gamers and beginners can equally enjoy. It was first released in 1997 on PlayStation and had favorable reviews. 
  • Mario Golf. An iconic character with Italian descent who reverted attention from the Mushroom Kingdom to Fairways in 1999. The game has the right blend of silliness and fun for casual fans of golf. It also has a depth to it, which appeals to serious golfers.
  • Woods Tiger PGA Tour. The game resulted from a young Tiger Woods endorsement after the initial release of PGA Tour Golf 9 years earlier. It initially got a mixed review on PlayStation and PC’s, but its stature rose as Tiger Woods fame and popularity soared. Until 2013, a total of 16 Woods PGA Tours existed, but their contract ended afterward.
  • Golf Club. It developed with the intent of using the social elements of next-generation consoles with Xbox One, PS4, and PC, the leading target hardware. Its signature feature lies in the Course Creator, which allows players to get creative and design self-made courses. Friends or other gamers can immediately use the golf courses while it also allows you to share the golf course. Its sequel, The Golf Club 2, predictably permitted you to build a society and sign players to compete with rival clubs.


The gaming industry is on a constant rise, and with its significance becoming even brighter during uncertain times, it means it’s only going to rise in stature steadily. Golf lovers are not left behind and for golf video games.


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