Anatomy Of An Amazing Gaming Battlestation


Many people hear about gaming Battlestations, but have no clear idea of the concept. It is a slang term first used on Reddit to define a gaming rig with a complete high-end computer with all its accessories from the speakers to the mouse. Not every gaming setup can be called a gaming battle station as these Battlestations are a marvelous piece that looks independent and contains everything a computer needs while making sure that you are seated in the best position. It’s quite easy to get bored with the traditional computer desk with all its bare components and colorless theme. A quick google search of famous gaming Battlestations would leave you in awe and you’ll definitely feel like you deserve a gaming battle station. The anatomy of a gaming battle station is simple from the outside but can get quite detailed at a closer look.


The desk is the most prominent piece of a battle station that can make or break it. Since it’s the component that will house your whole gaming rig, you’ll want it to be as sturdy as they come. Sturdiness isn’t just enough; it should also be ergonomic while being the right size that can fit any space you’re placing it in. A lot of gamers get quite immersed in their gaming experience that they don’t notice how a gaming desk affects their body; it can even sometimes lead to physical injury. According to the gaming desk overview on, a gaming desk is ergonomic and will help you be comfortable as you play. While the desk is a component that can get overlooked in many setups, a true gaming battle station requires a good gaming desk.

Gaming Chair

We’ve mentioned that a lot of gamers overlook the potential injury and strain they put on their bodies while gaming. This is why a gaming chair is a very important piece of any gaming battle station. Since you’re expecting to play for hours, you’ll want to be as comfortable as possible to avoid tons of massage and natural therapy for your back and hands. Ergonomic chairs are known for their adjustable height, armrests, headrest, and lumbar support. While they may be a bit on the costly side compared to traditional computer chairs, it’s an investment that would turn out to be very wise in the long run.


Not every gaming battle station uses the same monitor setup. Some gamers prefer to play with multiple monitors for a highly immersive experience while other gamers prefer a single monitor. When you’re buying a monitor for gaming, there are a few considerations that should be taken, as the conditions are different from casual monitors. A gaming monitor has a high refresh rate to support the speed required to play a game efficiently. Most monitors are now available in very high resolutions at budget prices, so try to lock down a good resolution, screen size, and refresh rate to get yourself a monitor that is worthy of being in a gaming battle station.

Desktop Tower

This is the core of your gaming rig as this is a component that contains all of the hardware that is needed to play your games. A gaming desktop tower is known to be quite different from casual ones. You’ll want to focus on getting a high-end GPU that can display your games at a great resolution without any lag or stuttering, and ensure that your processor is strong enough to keep up with gaming and multi-tasking. Choosing the case size and shape is up to you as every gaming battle station is different, requiring you to find a good design that can complete the puzzle.

Mouse and Keyboard

Since gaming is way more popular than it used to be, a lot of companies stepped up their game to produce special gaming mice and keyboards that can accommodate professional gamers. You don’t need an old-fashioned mouse with a cord anymore, thanks to the wireless gaming mouse available. The fewer cords you have in your setup, the better your gaming battle station will look. Most gamers are adamant about using mechanical keyboards, not just because of nostalgia, but also its effectiveness. You can find many colorful backlit keyboards that can be a great addition to your gaming battle station, giving it this futuristic neon look.

A gaming battle station is a way to design your gaming rig to fit you so you could have as much fun as possible while gaming in addition to being comfortable and safe from strain. You can add some extras like LED lights for gaming setup and plants to your battle station to make it look cooler. There are endless ways to build a gaming battle station, so take your time while doing so.


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