How To Prevent The Occurrence Of Anteater Error Code In Destiny 2


There are many errors one might face while playing destiny. It could be related to the internet issue, it could be related to the games, it could be anything. Depending on the issue of the game that you face, different error codes occur. The Occurrence Of Anteater Error Code In Destiny 2

Each error has different names, like the beetle error code means there is something wrong with the network. Similarly, there are many error codes in destiny and each has other reasons for the occurrence. 

Destiny 2 error code list: 

  • Error Multiple disconnects
  • Error Baboon
  • Error Weasel 
  • Error Hawk
  • Error Bee
  • Error Fly
  • Error Lion
  • Error Buffalo
  • Error Marionberry
  • Error Beetle
  • Error Chicken
  • Error Centipede
  • Error Lettuce and Anteater
  • Error Cabbage
  • Error Sheep
  • Error Chive
  • Error Beaver
  • Error Flatworm
  • Error Leopard
  • Error Termite
  • Error Broccoli
  • Error Boar
  • Error Turtle
  • Error Mulberry
  • Error Toad
  • Error nightingale
  • Error Lime
  • Error Urchin
  • Error Oyster
  • Error Canary
  • Error Honeydew
  • Error Tapir
  • Graphics runtime detected

All these errors have some other reasons behind their occurrence, similarly, the fixture is never the same. Each error code requires another fix. In this article, we will discuss the reason behind the occurrence of destiny error code a tester and its fixture. 

Why does destiny 2 error anteater occur?

Follow These Five Ways To Prevent The Occurrence Of Anteater Error Code In Destiny 2
Follow These Five Ways To Prevent The Occurrence Of Anteater Error Code In Destiny 2

Like we have said, there are many reasons behind the anteater error code but mainly there is only one reason which gives birth to many other issues regarding that. The main reason why this error regarding the anteater code occurs is related to the connection issue. The weak network could lead to the error. 

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What is the reason behind the occurrence of error code anteater destiny 2?

There are many reasons behind the occurrence of an anteater error code. 

  • Maybe the problem lies with the wifi or hotspot. If the connection is not that strong, it can occur. 
  • The overbearing cache could drain the system too 
  • PlayStation could be the issue too. 
  • The firewall could cause a problem for gaming too. 
  • The problem could be related to the ISP. If the connection is not well set then it will only lead to inconvenience. 
  • The cable ties in the 

What are some of the fixes to Bungie code anteater?

Here we will discuss the fixtures to all the issues that could lead to the anteater error code in destiny 2. The fixtures are tested by the Reddit users, this stands failproof. 

  1. Refuse to use the hotspot or wifi: 

The game is very extended and requires too much data to be played without any occurrence of such error code. If you’re using hotspot or wifi then at a certain point of time you will have to change it for a smooth flow. It could cause a rupture in the smooth flowing of the system. That is why you should use the wired connection in order to play the Destiny 2 game. 

It will stop the occurrence of such an error code that appears because of connection. It has been noted in Reddit as many destiny 2 players have noted down in Reddit and even Bungie notified that wifi or the usage of the hotspot to play the game could lead to the problem so switching to wired connection really does the trick. 

  1. Contact the internet provider: 

The internet provider could be the reason behind the occurrence of anteater so calling your ISP provider to fix the connection issue is important. If the internet speed is not sub-par then it could become troubling. When the speed of the internet is not good enough, it will lead to a severed connection or even severed connection of the game where it will not run smoothly without any hindrance.

The speed and the seed of the internet matters while playing the destiny 2 game. So let the internet survive providers know about the issue so that they can run many tests to see if there is a speed issue. If there is then let them fix it. 

  1. Replace the old internet equipment: 

Many times if you have old devices, such as old cables connected to the router or other internet devices, you have to change it. The old device could lead to the disruption of the services. If your cable is torn between the places or twitched in many places then it could halt the whole providing of the internet. 

Ask your internet service provider to help you change the materials. If they don’t do that job then you can buy the materials yourself and have them replaced on your own. Replacing the equipment is the goal here, it doesn’t matter who does it. 

  1. Clearing of the cache: 

We have already discussed how the cache could disrupt the whole system. If there is nothing wrong with your internet system then it might be the problem on your console’s side, mainly the cache. So clearing it should be the main priority. Here is how to do it. 

  1. Xbox:
  2. Press and hold the power button of the Xbox console. 
  3. Keep pressing it to shut it off. 
  4. Now Unplug the power brick
  5. Keep pressing the power button. Make sure you do it a few times to delete the cache itself.
  6. Plugin the power brick 
  7. Wait for the indication that the console is on.  
  8. Turn on the Xbox 
  9. Check to see if the problem is still occurring or not. 
  10. Alternative option: 
    • Locate your Xbox One settings 
    • Tap on Network >> Advanced Settings.
    • Look for the option ‘Alternate Mac Address’ option
    • Click on it. 
    • Appoint the Clear option there. 
    • The cache will be cleared
  11. PlayStation: 
  12. Shut off the PlayStation 4.
  13. Ensure that it is turned off. 
  14. Unplug the cord placed at the back of the console.  
  15. Keep the console unplugged for longer than 15 minutes, that will clear the cache.
  16. Plugin the cord 
  17. power the ps4.  
  18. Check to see if the situation is still prevailing.
  19. The firewall: 

The firewall employed to save the antimalware system could be the cause of halting the smooth functionality of destiny 2. You have to add the game in the exception of the windows or the os system in order to prevent such things from happening. 


Follow These Five Ways To Prevent The Occurrence Of Anteater Error Code In Destiny 2Discussion
Destiny 2 error code listThe whole list is provided in the article. 
Why does destiny 2 error anteater occur?Mainly due to the internet issue, firewall setting, overflowing of cache etc. 
What is the reason behind the occurrence of error code anteater destiny 2?It could be anything related to your internet connection. Sometimes it could also be because of cache and firewall protection settings. 
What are some of the fixes to Bungie code anteater?The whole process to prevent the occurrence of an anteater error code is written down. Give it a read. 

All the ways that have been mentioned here are suggested totally effective as Bungie and many players swear by it on Reddit. Follow the steps to make sure that you get rid of the error. 

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