Are 240hz Gaming Monitor Worth It

240hz Gaming Monitor Worth It
240hz Gaming Monitor Worth It

Gaming, as an industry and hobby, is getting dense. With the high-end gaming peripherals, more and more people are inclining towards gaming. The performance is getting buttery smooth, peripherals look cool and futuristic gadgets with all those RGBs and fancy technologies.

Online platforms like Twitch and Youtube are also providing a monetization method for gamers which is also another reason why people are more interested in gaming like never before.

Talking about gaming peripherals, we have seen tremendous growth in gaming technology. With high-end GPUs, a dedicated gaming monitor is required. An office monitor just cannot handle the input of a dedicated GPU for performance gaming. To scratch, the itch, more and more companies like Asus, Razer, Dell, Lenovo, Gigabyte etc are coming into the Gaming monitor market and now, we have high-end gaming monitors with a refresh rate of 120hz, 144hz, 240hz, and very few, but we still have 300hz gaming monitors.

For now, we have a 240hz gaming monitor which is a luxury for gamers. If you want a 240hz gaming monitor for you, check this list of the best 240hz gaming monitors which will give you smooth and buttery gaming performance. 

But are 240hz gaming monitors really worth it? If you are thinking about the same, this is for you.

What does 240hz Gaming Monitor mean?

A gaming monitor, or say any display whether on TV, smartphone, monitor etc., works on a frequency which is measured in Hertz or Hz. This frequency is known as Refresh Rate. A refresh rate is a rate in which a gaming monitor refreshes itself in one second. The bigger the number, the better would be the performance. A 240hz gaming monitor will refresh the display 240 times in a second that means we will see more picture in one second thus means better and smooth gaming experience. 

While a 60hz Gaming monitor refreshes the display 60 times which means we will see 60 pictures in one second which will give you fewer frames per second thus decent picture quality, not the smoothest. You can know more about the Refresh rate and other gaming monitor aspects here.

Should I Buy 240hz Gaming Monitor?

Are 240hz Gaming Monitor Worth It
Are 240hz Gaming Monitor Worth It


Yes & No. You can definitely buy a 240hz gaming monitor as they will give you an esports gaming performance. Shroud uses BenQ 240hz Gaming Monitor but mind it, he is an esports gamer. You can also use a 240hz gaming monitor at your home but before getting your hand on a 240hz monitor, make sure you have a compatible gaming rig.

If you are gaming on a console like PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch, you should not be using a 240hz gaming monitor. Here is why?

PS4 Pro and other such consoles have maximum video output of 60hz. They do support 4K but you will get [email protected] only. Your PS4 Pro console simply cannot go beyond 60hz. That means, even if you are using a 240hz gaming monitor with PS4 Pro, you will get output of 60hz only. In that case, you are spending your money on a feature that you will never be able to enjoy. 

Same with Xbox users. If you are using Xbox One X, you might be aware of the fact that Xbox One X has a video output of 60hz. Here you can check some of the best gaming monitors for Xbox One X Thus, you should not be using a 240hz gaming monitor for Xbox One X. The upcoming PS5, on the other hand, is coming with 120hz refresh rate and thus you can use a 120hz gaming monitor with PS5 but wait for Holiday 2020 season.

Who Should Buy a 240hz Gaming Monitor?

Anyone who is a PC gamer and has a GPU that can give an output of 240hz can use a 240hz gaming monitor. PC games can easily be a push for 240hz output and you can definitely use a 240hz gaming monitor with that. Other than that, if you are a professional gamer or looking to participate in an esports tournament, you should be using a 240hz gaming monitor by now.

If you have a good budget and you are someone who plays on console and on PC, you can get your hands on a 240hz gaming monitor for the best gaming performance. 


By now, you know if you should be using a 240hz gaming monitor or not. If you are someone who is playing on consoles as well as on PC, go for a 240hz gaming monitor, as they are totally worth it. A 240hz refresh rate gaming monitor is always better than 120hz or 60hz monitor. You will experience smooth and stutter-free gaming performance. We already added the list of best 240hz gaming monitors above and you can see that. But if you are a console gamer and just beginning with the gaming world, get a 60hz or 75hz gaming monitor because that will give you more value for the money.

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