Are Video Games Becoming Too Easy?


Nowadays, there are thousands of video games that people can play both online and offline. Moreover, there are no more exclusive games for PC or consoles only, which is one of the reasons games are becoming a bit too simple and easy these days. It’s one thing to get stuck in a game and look for online solutions where you can find anything from how-to guides to NFL odds analysis. However, it’s a completely different story when games are made too easy for everyone right off the bat. So, are video games becoming too easy these days? Let’s find out.

Are video game developers making games too easy on purpose?

For the most part, yes, video game developers are making modern games to be simple and easy to understand with very few challenges. The main reason is that kids these days don’t like challenging games and they’re the main audience. But another problem is the lack of exclusives. Video games are made for both PCs and consoles, which means a simple interface and game mechanics that can easily be managed on a mouse and keyboard and on a joystick. Rather, you end up with games like Skyrim that was way to simple and lacking depth despite being favored by many.

Are easy video games bad for gamers?

Actually no, games are meant to be fun and enjoyable, so an easy mode is perfectly fine if you want to just browse through the game seamlessly. But by removing challenges and obstacles from the game permanently, you get a mediocre game at best. Therefore, the best solution is to give gamers an option whether they want the game to be difficult or easy, just like in the good-old days.

What are the consequences of having too many easy video games?

As mentioned before, video games are meant to be fun, but too many easy games, and people will get bored sooner rather than later. Video games that are too easy lack most of the components that make a video game great.

You’re left with awesome visuals and simple gameplay that isn’t very appealing in the long run. Even those who prefer not to have too many challenges in a video game will eventually want to try something more difficult. However, if they don’t have the option to do so, they might get frustrated, and video game developers will start to lose money on games no one wants to buy or play.

The entire purpose of video games is to bring excitement and joy to players. But if these games lack features that will engage gamers deeper, they won’t become as popular as they should.

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