Atom RPG Cheats-Things To Know For Good Gaming Experience


Atom RPG is easily accessible through desktops using Stream. It is an indie-turner based combat game made by the Developer along with the Publisher AtomTeam where you will get a Post Apocalyptic Soviet wasteland. This game has developed from the classical CRPG games such as System shock, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout, etc. The background behind these games is dated back to 1986. 

It was incubated in a composed environment vanquished by the nuclear bomb of the countries like the Soviet Union alongside the western bloc. Now, it’s time to survive in the wasteland and find out the conspiracy which took place. In this regard, the atom RPG console commands steps in.

Entire List of Cheat Codes and Console Commands Available in Atom RPG

In the entire game, you need to look for various resources like craft consumables, weapons, and other additives to make the journey seamless. However, this game is not that much easy and here you will get a lot of commands and Cheat Codes which make things seamless and fun-filled. So, after reading this guide, you will understand the basics of how to trigger the console command box along with the keywords necessary to use cheats for the Atom RPG Build.

Atom RPG Cheats-Things To Know For Good Gaming Experience
Atom RPG Cheats-Things To Know For Good Gaming Experience

Activation of Console Box in the Game

In order to accomplish this, you need to hold the Numpad * and Numpad 0 simultaneously. This will take you to bring the console box. In the box, you have to provide the code youshallnotpass! Using this, you can easily activate the cheat mode. Also, Choose A New Top 10 Games to Play over Skype

Commands Required to Activate

kill all- Using this command, you can kill all the people available on the map and also included in your team.

AP [number]– With this command, you have the option to gain more moves. If you provide AP 10, you will receive 10 action points. Now, after you provide  AP 11, you will receive 11 action points instantaneously.

add fuel [Number]- Using this command you can load your vehicle with fuel. Then provide add fuel 100 and you will get all the fuel.

AddLevel [number]– With the help of this number, you can incorporate more levels. When the console pops up, you just have to incorporate XP 100 and you will find 100 XP.

Help– With this command, you can find out all the codes of Atom RPG. 

Radiation [number]– Using this command, you can change the atom RPG radiation undermining the level in the system. So, if you are intruding into a high radiation zone and are getting attacked by the radiation, the console box will appear and provide radiation 0 and the level of the radiation will fall.

Teleport– Using this command, you can easily teleport the region which is designated by your cursor.

Increase in the Permanent Statistics

Golden Fish

This can be found in any pond with the help of spider brains or Weird Doll. You can ramp the luck ranging from 1 to 11 with the help of booze. You have to save the scum until you find the easiest thing to do. This will protect you. Even with the help of luck11, you can have it in the ballpark of 30m radius. 


You can find this on the Roaring Forest. Also, you need to take 2 ropes with you. It is protected via a powerful enemy equipped with some normal weapons. 


Roaring Forest Idol

Here, you have to provide 3 types of meat in the circle.

Serum 2

You can find this inside a cube. Just you should have 6 personnel who will show you the cube. 

Therefore, you should have 2+2 joints +2 perfumes if male or 1+2 Joints +4 perfumes if female. You should require 5000R to get this and 1500 to get things back on track. 


+1Str or Dex is an atom RPG trainer which can be made available after the repair is done. This is not permanent as well but it will continue forever and therefore, you need to count this as well. 

You need to train for 4 consecutive kgs on 80 kg for a duration of 40 days. Moreover, you have the authority to bump the str with the help of the booze.


Melee Weapons

Base values are perfect for this weapon. You have the option to drop some points here but all your efforts won’t become fruitful owing to invalidation.

Pistols and SMG

The most decent weapon which is available under this category is the Percussion Revolver +. You need to implement low penetration bullets and this will compel you to use at least 3 Abilities within it. Therefore, this atom RPG character build is not at all worthwhile.

Rifles and Shotguns

This is quite a good thing. There are free 20 points available on this automatic firearm which will push you harder. Therefore, it is not at all a viable idea for going up to the next level if you are done with everything.

Automatic Firearms

This has become a tool for all major occasions.

Throwing Weapons

This atom RPG car is not readily available and it doesn’t function properly like the heavy machine gun.


The majority of them are used skills available in the game. Each and everyone is doing 115 before finding the gear or consumables.



It is perfect for you but this is not at all compulsory with a minimum of 50 as provided. This can be 100 if nothing worth is there to spend on it. However, money is not at all an issue in atom RPG mods when you find your weapons and this takes place very soon. This hampers the Caravan contents as well. 

Final Implication.

Everyone should consider yourself like The Enemy and Praetorian while you are looking for an invasion against crits. The game is centered around the atom RPG cheats. If you are an expert, you can sail the way through. Therefore, you need to pick whatever is fancy for you. Always be cautious while leveling up in different stages of the game as and when required.

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