Behavioral Leadership – Organisation Development via Games Based Learning

We have composed on this blog for some time. Sorry about that people. The fundamental reason has been the work that we have been doing on another wander –  Behavioural Leadership.

Behavioral Leadership uses the most recent research into individuals focused administration utilizing Transactional Analysis and Behavioral Economics. Our Behavioral Leadership approach utilizes experiential learning and Transactional Learning and Coaching to convey behavioral leaps forward.

As you would anticipate from individuals who are energetic about recreations based learning at Behavioral Leadership we utilize shared learning reproductions to establish the involvement in a circumstance. As we say on our experiential learning page, this makes a rich circumstance that is far expelled from death by PowerPoint and joins visual, sound-related AND kinaesthetic ways to deal with make significant and vital encounters.

Behavioural Leadership - Organisation Development via Games Based Learning
Behavioural Leadership – Organisation Development via Games Based Learning

This numerous learning styles approach is upheld by examine embraced by IBM and affirmed by the Post Office found that long haul review is influenced by how the data was initially conveyed. Review subsequent to being told was 10%; told and appeared (32%) and told, appeared and experienced (65%) – Source Whitmore, 2003.

We present case studies which regularly include the utilization of learning reenactments and other innovation, for example, e-Learning. We refresh these all the time, so our diversion based learning supporters should need to look out for them.

Lastly for the individuals who like their data in blog shape, at that point we may have the capacity to help. At the Behavioural Leadership blog we expound on the utilization of Transactional Analysis and Behavioral Economics in authoritative advancement. Also, inside that unique situation, we talk about experiential learning and specifically learning reenactments.


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