Best 5 Background Check Sites You Can’t-Miss


    Have you ever trusted someone blindly, only for them to let you down later on? You probably wished you had a way of knowing whether they were trustworthy or not before the collaboration. Fortunately, you don’t have to undergo that frustration ever again. They say that curiosity killed the cat, but it can be helpful at times.

    When such a time comes, there is a wide array of background check sites. They could spare you the agony of disappointment and betrayal when circumstances force you to work with a stranger. You don’t want to pay a hefty price for a mistake that you could have avoided. Wouldn’t it be hard to forgive yourself?

    Why use Background Check Sites?

    The background check sites help you let only the right tenant hire the right person for a job and only transact with the right person. Once you are sure of it, you avoid making losses in the future. Equally important, it is a source of peace of mind knowing that the person you are working with has no criminal record.

    So, without further ado, let’s answer a few questions. Who will call me from an unknown number? What does a background check entail? What are the 5 best background check sites to consider whenever a need arises? Read on to find that out.

    What should you expect from a good background check?

    As much as features differ from one background check to another, some essential components are standard in almost all great background sites. They include:

    • Personal reference checks
    • Professional reference checks
    • Criminal history
    • Education information
    • Credit report
    • Previous addresses
    • Employment history

    Top 5 Best Background Check Sites in 2021

    As much as background checks can be of great help, it may not be the case if you choose the wrong one. The many backgrounds check sites out there makes settling for one a daunting task. They all promise almost the same things, but some are better than others.

    Luckily, we got your back to ensure that you choose the best. After extensive research, here are the top 5 background check sites that carried the day. Check them out.

    1. CocoFinder

    CocoFinder is an upcoming background check site that has taken the sector by storm. It gives the results of a check fast hence suitable if you have to decide about a particular person instantly. Going by its customer’s review, it is a site worth every penny you spend for its services.

    Why should you trust CocoFinder over other famous background check sites that have been in existence for a long time? You will be surprised to learn what you get from the new kid on the block. So, don’t let its lack of popularity stop you from enjoying its outstanding services.

    First of all, it has a top-notch user experience. Besides easy navigation, it has educational content to guide you on how and when to use its data. The results are extensive and accurate, including professional licenses, names, photos, liens, bankruptcies, weapon permits, civil court cases, arrest records, and aliases.

    Last but not least, it offers its services at a reasonable price. They provide reverse phone lookups for free, and you can customize your background check depending on your current situation demands.

    However, a specialized check is more expensive than a normal one. The service isn’t available via an app either. Nevertheless, it is responsive hence also easy to view from your smartphone.

    1. TruthFinder

    Do you have a missing relative you wish you would reunite with one day? What if someone gave you a way of making the process of relocating them easier? TruthFinder can help with its excellent feature regarding creating a family tree.

    They provide high-quality, accurate data after every check. Its interface is easy to use, whereas the results are straightforward hence understandable with ease. The information includes associates, assets, social media profiles, education, and location history.

    Have you ever wondered if hackers have been using you or accessing your data? Its free dark web monitoring feature helps you put that matter to rest. It is easy to search, thanks to the various search parameters and filters.

    Nevertheless, no trial period and the subscription plans are relatively expensive.

    1. Intelius

    How can Intelius background check site help you? It comes in handy when inquiring about the criminal record of a particular person. You can also use it to relocate an old acquaintance, find out about a property, identify an unknown caller, and much more.

    The checks include educational background, financial data, usual address, and criminal history, just to mention a few. Its vast database and its user-friendly interface ensure that you get accurate results quickly. The free trial is also an added advantage.

    Despite all the good things, it is pretty expensive. Nevertheless, you can rest assured of value for money.

    1. Instant Checkmate

    For a one-time background check, this is a great option. After all, it has a five-day trial, allowing you to do a review without incurring any cost. Its services also include financial history, email checks, location history, and phone lookups.

    It is important to note that it is user-friendly and also offers accurate data. However, it may not be the best if you need instant results.

    1. PeopleFinder

    Last but not least, on our list of the best background check sites, we have PeopleFinder. As the name suggests, it is a go-to site if you want to find colleagues, friends, and other people you may have lost contact with over time. It also shows marital status, bankruptcies, and additional helpful information.

    It has been in existence for a long time; hence good at what it does. It is ideal for business, and memberships are necessary. It also has a 3-day trial which costs as low as $1. 

    Unfortunately, you will incur a high penalty upon canceling a plan. It is only available for US users and lacks criminal records and social media information.


    You don’t have to let a good person go simply because you can’t trust them. Neither do you have to take the risk of hiring or taking in a stranger? Thanks to excellent background check sites, it has become easy to eliminate uncertainty.

    With the above recommendations, it will be easy and accurate to do background checks on these sites. They offer you several background check options, all on one site. These sites are also worth your hard-earned money since they will provide accurate and informative results.

    If you think we have missed any websites, you can mention them in the comments below. 


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