Best and Highest Paying Affiliate Programs on a Pay Per Click Basis

    Best and Highest Paying Affiliate Programs on a Pay Per Click Basis
    Best and Highest Paying Affiliate Programs on a Pay Per Click Basis

    A PPC or Pay Per Click campaign is an advertising solution where the advertisers pay publishers to put up their add on a web page or search result. The publisher, in turn, gets a commission out of the campaign if the ad is clicked.

    Advertisers invest their money in publishers like Google AdWords, and social media pages like Facebook, Instagram etc. Now, as to why they do it. Advertisers want traffic to their landing pages, websites, products to generate a good set of leads and make revenue out of it. Check out – top affiliate programs for high PPC affiliate programs.

    When someone types in a search query on Google, AdWords segregates ads based on how relevant the keyword is. PPC advertising redirects the user to a landing page or a product. Then it estimates your ROI (Return of Investment) based on the number of clicks.

    There are a number of companies or publishers that handle the PPC campaign for advertisers. These affiliation programs are vastly helpful for new startups for it enabling them to promote by displaying ads. So, here are the top Affiliation Programs:

    1. RevenueHits
      RevenueHits is operated by the leading media tech industry Intango Ltd. It’s a self-service platform for digital ad-optimization used by publishers for their website traffic to earn revenue. It gives you access to over 5,000 advertisers in different industries like Travel, Entertainment, Software, Gaming, Dating, Coupons, Shopping, and Lead Generation.

    It also offers many payment gateways such as PayPal and Payoneer, for wire transfers with a minimum payment threshold of $20. It has a referral program with which you can refer a number of publishers like bloggers, marketers to sign up to RevenueHits for free. By doing so you can earn 10% of the earning of those who join through your referral link. It has flexible pricing models, a huge number of advertising pools to choose from, leading payouts and, instant and free signup.

    Infolinks is among the best AdSense alternatives, being used by over 1,00,000 publishers worldwide. It has a similar referral pattern as that to RevenueHits, you get 10% of every referral that you make. It provides a large range of ad format units to manage the traffic on your website.

    It offers a $50 threshold as minimum payout and has a variety of payment gateways such as PayPal, eCheck and Payoneer. Having an affiliation with Infolinks is quite beneficial as it uses a smart ad targeting system that displays relevant ads on your website. It offers a large pool of advertisers and gives leverage over mobile traffic as well.

    3. Bidvertiser
    Bidvertiser, a direct advertising network, could be used to monetize the traffic on your website using various ad formats including the PPC campaign. It lets you regulate websites, toolbars, extensions to mobile apps, search and domains. It offers the lowest payout threshold of $10 and payment gateways like PayPal, Payza, wire, and check.

    Bidvertiser gives coverage of 100% for desktop and mobile with real-time optimization models also lets you start advertising instantaneously the moment you set up your account.

    Outbrain is listed among top platforms that have high conversion rates to monetize your website. It’s one of the premium services that let you promote sponsored content via your blogs or website to earn revenue. Under program affiliation you can also make money by audience exchange, lookalike audiences, traffic shaping, and native engage server. All it uses is the traffic on your website or your blog. Therefore, is quite handy for those who have quite a large audience.

    But utmost reason to use Outbrain is that it provides you native advertising i.e. you can present your ad as ‘In-Feed’ ads (ads that appear in your social media feed), Search and Promoted Listings (ads that appear in Google Search or side lane content), Recommended Articles (ads showcased below the article you just read) and Video Recommendations (ads with video content).

    Clicksor lets you use contextual ads to earn revenue and is one of the widely used PPC platforms. Clicksor is among those platforms which let you earn via referral program. You can earn up to 20% commission of those who successfully sign up at Clicksor. Soon as you join the affiliate program, you are assigned a referral code that can be used in your ads or blogs. Once clicked, Clicksor confirms the order and grants you the revenue earned out if it.
    It has been in the industry for over 12 years now and has been delivering great results. Stats suggest that Clicksor has served 30,00,000 ads per hour. It’s in use by over 140 countries to monetize their websites and ads, or blogs; adding to the pool of 1,50,000 premium publishers. It also has an effective 24/7 customer services.

    You can create your own ads using Clicksor. It has payment gateways such as PayPal, credit cards, Wire or Transfer. It regulates timely payouts and has really fast approval services.
    Though there are a number of services that you let organize a PPC campaign there are only a few that lets you manage your campaign efficiently. The aforementioned affiliate programs are one of the most famous programs that are effective in monetizing your website or mobile traffic, in turn, making good revenue. Article contributed by Hari babu from TechAriz!


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