Best Free Anagram Games In 2021 To Play [A Review]


    Some of you might know what an anagram is or you might not be aware of this amazing word game. So we will shed some light on the aim of anagram word games before everything.

    As like the daily jumble game that need answers or solution to the word puzzles you can find from, Anagram is a type of a word game that involves the transposition of letters tiles to form and create excitement within words. For example rearrange the letters of the word stressed will form a new word dessert. Below is the list of some free anagram games created for you by the so that you can have some exciting activities during your friend’s reunion?

    1. Scrabble Go

    It is one of the very competitive anagram games in the form of crossword puzzle. Best source to test your vocabulary skills. Scrabble go is a new version available in mobile phones also. You can challenge online any sorts of people from all corners of the world but if a needing of good internet connection.

    In this player vs player you and the opponent will get set of letter. You will drag and place these letters on the board in such a pattern that is forms a word. Words should be sensible that are part of a dictionary. You can make more than one word in your one round of turn.

    This game also provides with clues and hints if you get stuck in between your turn. This word game is a best hub for socializing also as it provides with chat box for chatting along with easy to use emoji’s as well.

    2. Word Way

    It is another anagram styles word game that requires rearrangement of letters of the word provided in order to form a new word. This is the best way to expand your vocabulary as well as your brain activity. It uses timers for the player you have to complete your turn within the time provided if done before time, extra scores and awarded.

    You are allowed you replay your level in order to get better scores to unlock next levels. Once you have earned enough scores to unlock your next level then you are provided with relaxation to some point. This game also provided you with some clues if needed. This acts like an energy boaster for your gaming block.

    Word way has various fragmentations on the basis of languages not only English language people can play but Russian, French, Garman, Spanish etc can also enjoy the perks of this word game.

    This anagram puzzle game covers major demography of the word thus any type of person on any age can play. It has been said that it contains 1500 words categorized in 10 different topics.

    3. Bonza Word Puzzle

    This game comes with a continuous urge to play again and again. Bonza word game is a new advanced version of word puzzle game. It is a very innovate game and a challenging one as figuring each puzzle will give you a feeling of accomplishment.

    This is a combination of some patterns of games like word search, jigsaw, trivia etc. All you have to do is to move blocks around the board to form words according to the clue given to you at the beginning of the level.

    You will be rewarded with coins after guessing the correct word according to the hint. As crosswords are the most appealing game despite of any ages this game has become addicted to those who played its started pack that is the first level.

    You can switch to any pack you want to it consists of around 40 packs of puzzles up till now. First hint is always provided but you can go for more hints if you get stuck by spending the coins you earned. You can also buy coins if you don’t have much for extra hints. You can download this game for free from either App store or Google play.


    In conclusion, above are the most addictive and the most interesting free anagram games for you to play at any time or anywhere. These games are restriction less and bring the fun-filled time with lots of productivity. Their given challenges rush the serotonin in you making your analytical brain using daily Telenor app quiz answers by stanstips to polish your skills to the sharpest and powerful of all.


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