Best games to play on Xbox One to kill the boredom.


Best games for Xbox One.

Apex Legends


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

Grand Theft Auto V

Forza Horizon 4


FIFA 2020

Gaming is such an entertaining hobby for many, especially for youngsters. With the gaming industry witnessing phenomenal growth, young people, especially children, are engaged in prolonged gaming at a stretch. People around the world are earning millions through online games and beating others at various gaming events. Here are a few games for Xbox One from all genres that will undoubtedly leave you addicted.  

  1. Apex Legends

Apex legends is a battle Royale game. Perhaps, such casinos not on gamstop are trending these days, and most people are pushing too hard to beat their contenders at these amazing games. This is a squad-based battle shooter. Indeed, the game is a unique combination of Fortnite and Overwatch. Grab your arsenal and be the last man standing. 

Key Features

  • 57 players team.
  • Unique character abilities.
Different character capabilitiesToo hard
Unique characters 
  1. Control

Developed by Remedy Entertainment, this amazing videogame is sure to amaze you with its greatness. This one is an action-adventure game coupled with paranormal forces and neo-noir gameplay. You get to play the role of a director of the Federal Bureau of Control, a secret government agency that researches and controls supernatural activities.   

Key Features

  • Packed with exciting mystery.
  • Good difficulty level.
Challenging yet interestingSome annoyances
Suitable for everyone
  1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

COD MW 2019 is relatively a realistic game as compared to its previous titles. You’ll be able to use new gear, weapons and gadgetry. What’s more? You get tight shooting and many multiplayer modes. Get ready for the action! 

Key Features

  • Real-life action.
  • Great arsenal of weapons.
Multiplayer modesRepetitive levels
Unique weaponry 
  1. Grand Theft Auto V

This blockbuster gaming title from Rockstar Games needs no introduction. Probably the best sandbox game till date, it has got a plethora of opportunities of fun for the players. Released in 2013, this game has been capturing the likes of millions of people across the world and retained the number one spot for four consecutive years. Altogether, the game has taken the possibilities of gaming to an all-new level. Gamers can play tennis, engage in combat, play missions, etc. GTA Online offers a great deal of fortune to the ones who want to become a millionaire. You can even go to space in this wonderful game.

Key Features

  • Open-world game.
  • Three-main characters.
  • GTA Online.
Multiplayer modeMuch focus on storyline
Endless world of possibility
Large world to explore 
  1. Forza Horizon 4

This racing game is one of the best open-world racing games that offers a structured campaign mode. You’ll get to explore the beautiful rolling hills of the English countryside in various exotic cars. Indeed, the locations are breath-taking.  

Key Features

  • Sandbox style racing game.
  • Unbelievable locations.
  • Multiplayer mode
Dynamic seasonsLack of smooth experience
Over 450 cars
Opportunity to race or stunt 
  1. Cuphead

This run and gun game is an ideal runner for children or kids, with amazing levels, great music, beautiful environment, etc. this is a must-buy for anyone who loves platform games. This game is definitely going to make you nostalgic.  

Key Features

  • Platformer game. 
  • Inspired by 1930s animation.
Beautiful background and visualsExtremely challenging gameplay 
Amazing soundtrack
  1. FIFA 2020

This football simulator is the latest instalment in the FIFA series. You’ll be acquainted with couch co-op and some clever, nuanced gameplay tweaks. This information is enough to convince a soccer lover to buy this amazing title.  

Key Features

  • International players.
Large number of playersTime-consuming game
Wonderful playing experienceHigh difficulty 


Q1. What are the best action games for Xbox One?

Well, Apex Legends, COD MW, GTA 5 and Control are the best action-adventure titles included in this list. However, don’t forget to understand the dynamics and advantages of each of these before purchase.

Q2. Which racing game is the best? 

Probably, Forza Horizon 4 is a game which will provide you with a unique experience. 

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