Best Gaming Tech to Look forward to in 2021

    Best Gaming Tech to Look forward to in 2021
    Best Gaming Tech to Look forward to in 2021

    Each generation has its own favorite games and gaming equipment. You can’t deny the fact that technological progress has significantly advanced video games to levels that were unimaginable just a few decades ago. From text-based RPGs today we can play with full immersion and excellent graphics.

    Multiplayer games, which were only possible in the past when you were physically next to each other, have become the norm today. These enable you to play games with friends or strangers thousands of miles away with minimal hiccups. Though it is easy to get comfortable with the tech you already own and use, it is always exciting to explore the new opportunities available in the world of video games.

    Face and Voice Recognition

    Currently, games provide you with the option to change your character’s features, clothes, and equipment. You can customize it, but there’s a limit to how close you can get it to the image in your head. Facial recognition will enable the game to scan your face and transform the avatar to resemble you without you spending hours selecting and tweaking each feature.

    It would be delightful to play using a character that looks exactly like you when playing with friends online. It would also be great to see the avatars of your friends, taking on challenges beside you in the digital world.

    Voice recognition will immensely help with the way you play a video game. Gamers will be able to use voice instructions to carry out different tasks and manage game settings. Switching on your game will one day be possible with the utterance of a few words.

    Virtual Reality

    Virtual reality gameplay videos are often hilarious to watch. The player is in a world of their own, and they interact with objects in this digital world while vigorously gesturing at the empty space in front of them. Virtual Reality gaming has not yet become the standard and is often a novelty to many.

    Though VR technology is incredibly mind-blowing, the games are not as brilliant as they are on consoles. The character designs are often subpar and not too realistic. Ordinary video games have still not fully achieved hyper-realistic graphics and fall a bit short. In the future, we can expect fantastic hyper-realistic graphics even in Virtual Reality games.

    The variety of games available in VR is also pretty limited, take, for example, online casinos like the ones listed in There are currently only a handful of casino games that can be played using VR, and most of them do not allow the use of real money. VR gambling can improve the experience of online gamblers, and it will significantly benefit from the use of facial recognition technology.

    The design of VR headsets is also not currently ideal with their heavy bulk and tight straps. Video game players prefer to be extremely comfortable while gaming, on the couch or a chair and this heavy, sweaty object around the head does not make things easy for them. VR headset companies will soon be coming up with innovations that can make the devices smaller, lighter and easier to handle.

    Currently, VR headsets are pretty expensive and not very accessible to a majority of the gaming community. With better technology and cost-effective production processes, they will one day be much affordable and more popular.

    Best Gaming Tech to Look forward to in 2021
    Best Gaming Tech to Look forward to in 2021

    Augmented Reality

    AR lets you interact with your surroundings using your gaming device as you play. It superimposes fantastic objects and creatures right in front of you using your camera.

    Several AR games such as Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite became enormously successful and got people on their feet scouring their neighborhoods for Pokémon and magical creatures.

    While Augmented Reality is used in many fields besides video games such as shopping and navigation, AR games are expected to grow in number and popularity in the future. Since AR is much more accessible than Virtual Reality, it is also expected to be more profitable for developers.

    AR gaming is expected to become much more immersive using affordable glasses equipped with AR technology and the ability to fix digital objects in your surroundings without having them move when you close the game.

    Artificial Intelligence equipped Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

    NPCs in video games usually follow the script to the T no matter the actions of the player. They are not affected by anything out of the ordinary done by the player. Some games have been coding these NPCs to better coordinate with each other and make attacks more effective rather than going by the script.

    But they still follow what was coded and do not make any new intelligent decisions. But in the future, we can expect NPCs equipped with Artificial Intelligence that can make its own decisions according to the player’s actions. Such NPCs will help make the gameplay even more enjoyable.

    Summing up

    One can expect improvements in VR and AR technologies in the future, making them more popular and accessible. While VR is currently considered to be a fun device bought by wealthy gamers, they will one day become affordable and less bulky. Facial recognition will transform the way characters are designed in games, and intelligent NPCs will enhance the gaming experience for all.


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