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    Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a free-to-play mobile MOBA and one of the most popular mobile games in Southeast Asia. With quick matchmaking and fast-paced battles, the game enables short gameplay sessions while on the go. It is a relatively fast game that requires fast heroes that can end their enemies quickly. With that in mind, let’s check out who are the fastest and the most powerful heroes in the current meta, and why are they the best.

    X Borg

    X. Borg is one of the most banned heroes in MLBB. He is the best fighter because of his early-game ability to establish roots. Before all, he is a skill-based hero and all of his abilities are of the same type; Physical Skill. He has a very low DPS skill and a short cooldown, so he excels at attacking and defending in combat. The damage is real and includes a slowing effect when the enemy’s red bar is full. Besides Masha, he is the only hero to have more than one HP bar.

    You will hardly see X Borg in any competitive MLBB match because professionals always ban him. He is just too powerful. So, if you ever see someone using him, make sure to place an MLBB wager on that team as they will probably win.


    Khufra is currently the most popular hero in Mobile Legends. Since its release, this hero has consistently sold the most copies among players. He can play as Tank and Support. With the help of the CC effect of Skill 1, Tyrant’s Revenge, Khufra can pass through walls and knock enemies on his way. Furthermore, the Bounce Ball skill will wrap Khufra with a bandage and turn him into a bouncing ball. It will increase his movement speed and slow down the enemies, which is perfect for escaping from dangerous situations.

    His Ultimate skill is the Tyrant’s Rage ability. Even though it has a relatively short range, it will pull all the enemies inside of it to the direction the spell is cast in. The spell itself won’t do any significant damage, but if you use it in combination with other spells, it can be the end for the whole enemy squad.


    Brody is the second-strongest hero in Mobile Legends. This hero falls under the MM (Marksman) category. His Skill 1 is a physical skill Abyss Impact, it launches a shock wave in the designated direction which deals from 150 to 550 damage and slows enemies by 30%.

    Skill 2, Corrosive Strike causes damage and stunning effects on the target. With this ability, Brody can pursue or evade enemies with ease.

    He is the most potent character in Mobile Legends combined with the Torn Apart Memory skill. He can deal with enormous areas that can harm adjacent enemy heroes while soaring in the air and not being impacted by opposing attacks. Brody deserves the title of Mobile Legends’ strongest shooting character right now.


    Mathilda is surely one of the most powerful MLBB heroes. As an assassin, Mathilda plays a special role in every matchup. She uses magical skills to inflict damage and protect herself with shields.

    With Soul Bloom, she can summon wisps that will attack all nearby enemies dealing 375 to 600 damage. Her second skill is Guiding Wind which she uses to gain a shield and boost in movement speed. Her allies will also receive 70% of that shield and Guiding wind that provides a speed boost.


    Esmeralda is the greatest astrologer of the Land of Dawn. Her abilities are mostly defense based. She can get 400 shield and a 40% movement speed increase with Frostmoon Shield. Her second skill is Stardust Dance, and it’s used to deal both physical and magical damage to nearby enemies. Each time she inflicts damage on a hero, the cooldown for this spell will reduce by 1.3 seconds.

    Her ultimate is called Falling Starmoon and it is one of the most powerful ultimates in this game. It deals 350 physical damage to the designated location, and after that, she moves to that location and deals additional 350 magic damage and immobilizes all the enemies in that area for 1 second. This ultimate can easily wipe out the whole squad.

    In addition, Esmeralda can absorb enemy shields, leaving them open to attack. When causing severe damage, it’s incredibly challenging to stop Esmeralda from dancing unless the enemy has a hero that can counter that.


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