Buy iOS app installs to rank your app up

    Buy iOS app installs to rank your app up
    Buy iOS app installs to rank your app up

    Developers who are concerned about how to boost their app’s position in the App Store quickly and effectively should certainly buy ios app installs. It’s a great way to make your app visible and get more organic traffic with minimum spending.

    However, you should take into account some significant points to avoid budget and time wastes.

    The choice of keywords plays an essential role in the whole promotion campaign. You should select words and phrases that your potential customers can enter in the search field to find apps like yours.

    Thus, analyze your competitors, and create a keyword cloud, grouping search inputs by their meaning. Alternatively, you can address an ASO manager who will assist you by keyword research and optimizing your description, title, icon, and screenshots.

    You should add these specific words and phrases to your title and description for you to start indexed by them. As soon as you get to the rank, you can buy ios app installs to enhance your position.

    Depending on the keywords that you’ve chosen and the region, a campaign may last approx. 7-14 days. If you don’t have a top position yet, you should select less competitive and more precise words, as it’ll be challenging to get a high rank by the most popular search inputs. E. g.

    If you are promoting an app for guessing songs and don’t want to dig deep, use phrases like name song title, name song game free, a name that tune game instead of guess song.

    Start with 10-15 installs and then order more downloads for keywords that show the best dynamic. Don’t try to accelerate the pace of the promotion campaign as the App Store algorithm may consider it suspicious.

    Apps with low ranks should be promoted with minimum installs at first until they get at least a top 20 position. Buy ios app installs and enjoy enhancing revenues at self-service platform!


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