Cairns Flyers – 6 Super Apps for 2020 Travel

Are you looking back in 2019 and feeling like you haven’t made the most of it? If so, why not consider making 2020 a year full of travel adventures?

To get you Cairns flyers in the mood for travel, here are six super apps you need to install.

  • Splitter

Splitter is an expense tracking app that allows you to manage your travel costs in any currency. It even lets you split costs among group members, which means you’ll be able to avoid petty arguments about who owes what to who. The app also works offline, so keeping it up to date on your spending couldn’t be easier. Check out this YouTube video to see Splitter in action.

  • Hopper

There’s nothing more frustrating than booking an expensive flight, only for the price to go down further down the line. Enter Hopper – this clever little app shows you the cheapest dates to fly on a cool color-coded chart, accurately predicts price changes up to a year in advance and notifies you when the cheapest time to buy is.

Cairns Flyers – 6 Super Apps for 2020 Travel
Cairns Flyers – 6 Super Apps for 2020 Travel
  • Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor is your go-to app when you’re unsure about booking and require a second opinion.It has reviews, videos, photos, and info about all things travel-related – from aircraft to attractions and places to eat. You can even pre-book activities and tours via the app, then access them using an e-ticket.

  • Google Maps

Finding your way around an unfamiliar destination can be tricky and time-consuming, which is why you need Google Maps on your phone. This fantastic app shows you how to get from A to B on foot, car or local public transport, so you can spend less time faffing about and more time having fun. For more information on the app features, take a look at this article on Business Insider.

  • Flightradar24

Flightradar24 is a global flight tracking app with loads of cool features to help you on your travels. It provides you with real-time updates for your flight, gives you access to airport arrival and departure boards and even lets you see what your pilot is seeing in 3D. And if you’re feeling bored at the airport, point your device at any plane and the app will tell you where it’s going and what kind of aircraft it is – how cool is that?

  • Prey Anti-theft

Prey Anti-theft is your shield against those pesky thieves who enjoy targeting tourists and their treasured tech items. The app has built-in GPS tracking and range of security features which include – an anti-mute alarm, a screen lock that can be activated remotely and screen message alert to arrange the safe return of your device.   

With these five apps on your mobile device, your 2020 travels will be better than ever! So head online to find your flights, book Cairns airport parking on and choose the best activities. 

That’s our list! Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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