Call Of Duty: 7 Pro Tips For Warzone You Should Know


Call of Duty is an ever-evolving game. Each month some new changes take place. The most recent addition to this multiplayer game is the Warzone battle mode. In the great map of Verdansk, 150 players compete with each other to get the top spot. 

Conquering Call of Duty Warzone is tough. But, here we bring you top 7 tips that will make the game a little easy for you. If you wish to improve your game, you need to use some strategies and change your playstyle. These tips will enhance your skills and give you a better understanding of the game.  

Top 7 tips to master Call of Duty: Warzone

All these tips are collected from pro players. After years of playing, they have mastered the game. So, these tips can be extremely helpful for new and seasoned players. Keep all these things in mind while playing the game for effective results.

  1. Loadout drops

Loadouts are a very important aspect of this game. People who have mastered the base game enjoy some advantages in Warzone maps. Unlike new players, they can customize their loadouts. You can collect loadout drops from the map or buy them, and thus you can use your weapons in the battle. 

Though loadouts are pretty expensive in the game, they are completely worth it. But, always be careful when you are collecting loadout drops on the battlefield because other players will also aim for that weapon. Moreover, snipes can also attack you from the rooftops. 

  1. Self revives

Cash plays a crucial role in this game. But you must know how to spend your money correctly. Buying self-revives is one of the most useful ways to spend your money. Getting attacked from far away is very frustrating. If you have enough self-revives, you can save yourself from these attacks. 

Thus, most of the snipes will fail to take you out instantly. But make sure that you are using all available covers properly. However, self-revives are not that useful if you are fighting in a close-range battle. Still, a team with self-revives has a better chance of survival than others.

  1. Stay quiet

The sound quality of the Warfare zone is advanced and updated. With a good set of headphones, you can gain some advantages in the battleground. The player can hear the footsteps of his enemies if he stays quiet, which will help you stay hidden and avoid attacks. Being too loud in the game will drag the attention of your enemies. 

Using crouch mode while moving, you can move a long way towards your enemies without being noticed. You will find such useful and recommended Warzone hacks and cheats providers on the internet. 

  1. Think practically

To win Warzone, you must be practical. Taking the right decision at the apt time is the key to winning this game. So, you must know when you save your team member and when to let the weakling go. 

This is nothing personal. If you want to survive in the game, you cannot repeatedly use all your resources on one player. In such cases, you need to make practical decisions and let the player go.

  1. High grounds

Staying on high grounds gives you some extra advantages over other players. In Warzone, when you are on a roof, you can monitor other players and plan your attacks accordingly. It will make the battles easier for you than other players battling on the ground. If sinners are attacking, you can always use a cluster bomb or air striker.

  1. Drop zones

Where you are landing in the game is very important. If you have chosen the wrong area, you can die in a few seconds. For a safe start, you can land on the outskirts of the map. There are some houses with good loot, and the area is risk-free. 

You can also pick the Northwest part for good loot. If you want to face challenges from the beginning, you can land in the stadium. It is full of crates, and now you can also get inside the stadium.

  1. Collect cash

Having enough cash can make your game more interesting and easier. In the new Warzone mode, COD has made some changes to give more importance to money. Cash is scattered all over the map. So, collect as much cash as possible to have the upper hand in the game. You can buy revives and loadouts with cash and use them accordingly.


These are the most useful tips to conquer Call of Duty Warzone. You can find other hacks and cheats on the internet. But only with your skills and determination can you master this game. All these tips will work as a game booster. So, keep practising and do not forget to have fun.

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