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Regardless of how weird we get sometimes, sleepover challenges will not in any way go out of craze. It really does not matter how old are you, sleepover dares are always fun playing at slumber parties or any festivities. Planning a sleepover with insane company is always a joy. With amazing funny challenges you will surely never host a boring slumber party.

Are you seriously in search of some amazing and fun sleepover challenges in order to make your slumber party interesting? Below given challenges are quite interesting and hilarious, you can execute them for fun while having a slumber party.

  • Try to control laughter challenge

Most of the time even at worst and serious situations, we find ourself giggling and laughing. Now assume, watching an extremely funny video and you have got to remain serious. The try to control laughter challenge basically requires people to watch hilarious videos without smiling or laughing. The one who breaks down and giggles watching the hilarious video will eventually lose the game.

Here is a laughable video which can be used to try to control the laughter challenge.

  • 10-second challenge

The 10-second challenge is an everlasting challenge that usually works for all types of occasions. It can be the best ever challenge to play with siblings and friends at a sleepover. It consists of any particular task which requires to accomplish in a given time period. All you need is to choose any task that can be done in 10 seconds.

Here is the video of the 10-second challenge idea to get you activated.

  • Memorize challenge

People with picture brain memorize things in mind without any error. It is basically the best way to execute a memorize challenge at a sleepover. In this challenge, you need to look at the particular picture for 30 seconds and memorise in your mind and then look at the picture again in order to know how many things you memorised quickly. People can also play memorize challenge through songs, videos and many other things as well.

Here is the quick video of the memorizing challenge.

  • Whisper challenge

The whisper challenge usually raises the level of stupidity. It is a kind of communication game often played for dates, sleepovers and parties as well. In this game, one person whispers to another who passes to the next person in line. This process continues until the last person gets the whispered voice. After that, the last person discloses what he heard and the first person announces what actually the phrase was.

The funny video of whisper challenge is given below-

  • Truth & dare challenge

An oldest but the bestest game ever! This game can be played between two or more people. Truth & dare game rules are quite simple- one person asks another person “truth or dare”? If the person chooses truth then he has to answer the asked questions truly and if he chooses dare then he has to perform the dare given to him.

The interesting and entertaining video of truth & dare challenge is given below-

  •  Spin tasty challenge

The spin tasty challenge can be a funny thing to do. All you can do is to get 6 plates along with the bottle that would properly spin. On 3 plates put some tasty food to eat, for example- sweets or biscuit and on the rest three plates put some challenges such as- (butter, mayonnaise and mustard) to eat. Now put all the plates around the circle bottle in the centre. Now spin the bottle and at whatever thing, it stops nearest to will have to eat.

Challenges to do at a Sleepover
  • Blindfolded makeover challenge

Blindfolded makeover challenge can be hilarious. Just drop an idea of a traditional makeover and try something new blindfolded makeover for fun. In this game, the girl has to cover her eyes with a blindfold and give a makeover to another girl. Once the makeover is done and sees the results will be quite hilarious.  

The hilarious video of the blindfolded makeover is given below-

  • Beans & chopstick challenge

Have you ever picked beans from a plate with a lean chopstick? This is what the bean & chopstick challenge is exactly about. For this, players will require a container filled with beans, an empty bowl and a chopstick. After that, participants will transfer the beans by using chopstick from a container to bowl. The candidate who will fill a large number of beans in the bowl win the game.

The interesting bean chopstick challenge game video is here-

  • No thumbs challenge

Performing a task without using a thumb finger is quite difficult. Now, it’s all about no thumbs challenge. The game basically involves creative thinking, fast-moving teamwork and maximum ability. Participants need to perform simple tasks without using the thumb. Can you write and chop vegetables without using thumb? With this game, you will get to know how?

Here is the most interesting video of no thumbs challenge-

  • Internet slang challenge

These days, people are using the internet to the fullest and this challenge is to check who is completely fluent in online patios. The Internet basically has its own language such as- bae, smh, wbu etc. The participants have to recognise and tell the meaning of all such words. The one who recognizes and knows the meaning of online patios completely will win the challenge.

Here is the image of internet slang challenge-

  • Food challenges

A food challenge can be the most interesting and entertaining one to do at slumber parties. The challenge involves disgusting and less appealing food. All you have to blindfold your friends and place a variety of food in front of them and also ask them to recognise the taste of food.

The entertaining video of food challenge is given below-

  • Raw onion challenge

Raw onion challenge is easily understood. You just need to challenge yourself or your friends and see if they can manage to consume whole raw onion. This challenge is pretty hilarious it will surely leave you entertained and amazed. You just have to notice how your friends are completing the raw onion challenge.

Here is the ridiculous video of the raw onion challenge-
  • Warhead challenge

Warhead challenge is little sour but not spicy. Warheads are little candies that are very bitter for a few seconds. It is fun challenging your friends to consume plenty of bitter warheads. You can compete with your friends and see how many warheads you can consume at once.

Here is the funny video of warhead challenge-
  • Chubby bunny challenge

The chubby bunny challenge will surely make you laugh out harder. This challenge requires plenty of marshmallows. During the first stage, you need to have one bag full of marshmallows, even though you may require more bags of marshmallows depending on the number of people participating in this game. You just have to put the marshmallows into your mouth and say chubby bunny every time you put.

Here is the video of chubby bunny challenge-

  • Powdered donut challenge

Have you ever tried donut challenge? It is really fun doing at a sleepover. Normally, we all get delighted while having donuts. In this challenge, you have to consume 5 powdered donuts in 5 minutes without even drinking anything. The one who finishes the donuts first will win the game.

Here is an amazing video of powdered donut challenge-

  • Blindfolded hairstyle challenge

Normally, girls like to have blindfolded hairstyle challenge at slumber parties. With this amazing challenge, you can make your slumber party interesting and entertaining. In this challenge, more than two people can participate, one has to wear a blindfold and make the hairstyle of the other participant by using a comb, scrunches, hair gel and brushes.

The entertaining and laughable video of blindfolded hairstyle challenge is given below-

Final words-

Have you ever tried funny challenges at a sleepover? Normally, sleepovers, festivities and slumber parties can be more fun and interesting with fun challenges. The above-mentioned challenges are quite entertaining and laughable, you must play at a sleepover and have fun doing it. The best thing about sleepover challenges is they are not competitive and just played for fun and entertainment.

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