Club Manager 2019 in its fourth Month on PC

Club Manager 2019 in its fourth Month on PC
Club Manager 2019 in its fourth Month on PC

The football management scene is littered with a plethora of games, yet very few of them are able to sate the lust of gamers. In fact, a considerable number of the online football manager games out there are either inordinately difficult to master or just lack basic updated content to keep its user’s yearning for more.

GamoVation, however, challenged this norm by releasing Club Manager 2019; an online soccer manager game currently in its fourth month of a soft launch.

The game presents you with a set of challenges that involves overseeing a fairly simple team; ultimately tasked with transforming it to a side that embeds itself in the history books by securing both League and Cup competitions.

All about card packs

Club Manager 2019 in its fourth Month on PC
Club Manager 2019 in its fourth Month on PC

The game cardinally revolves around cards, and you will by principal be expected to open various card packs so as to proliferate your chances of acquiring amazing items, players and upgrades for your club.

Some of the most highly recommended packs in the game include the CM Royal Pack, the Performance Pack, and the Superstar Pack; all of which come with various unique cards that will help elevate the status of your squad, and by extension, your club.

Pitch upgrade cards will increase the quality of your turf thereby lowering the chances of injuries being inflicted on some of the most vital members of your squad, whereas Training Facilities cards and Gym Upgrade cards will enable your charges to train quicker and more effectively.

Free Manager Cash after every match

The various kinds of matches available on Club Manager include Division matches, Competition matches and Exhibition matches which can all be played on a daily basis.

Even more compelling is the fact that you’ll be rewarded with Manager Cash at the end of every match, with the amount nonetheless reliant on whether you have won, drawn or lost a match.

Other than Manager Cash, Manager Coins is also another form of in-game currency available in the game, and you’ll be presented with both currencies to kick start your career as a manager.

Liberty to choose tactics

This could very well be the most defining part of the game. As a manager, you will not only exercise authority over the allocation and spending of finances at your club, but you’ll also have the freedom and responsibility to choose your team’s tactics.

Being that you have absolute freedom to choose your first team, you can experiment with the various tactics and formations in a bid to find one that best mirrors your panache as a manager.

Easy game to master

The game has a simplistic yet properly defined user interface programmed to enable you to grasp the very essence of the game within the shortest time possible, whereas its in-game assistance has notifications fitted to guide you every step of the way.

On iOs and Android

Considering that this is just its fourth month of a soft launch, Club Manager is accessible only on PC, via desktop or browser. The mobile versions are nonetheless poised to be launched within the second quarter of this year.

Upon the official global release, Club Manager 2019 will be the best online soccer manager game in the world par excellence!


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