Does Sons Of The Forest Have An Ending

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The game Sons of the Forest has many endings. If you want to know about the end, you must know them all.

Pay attention, brave people engrossed in Sons of The Forest’s eerie realm! Today, we delve into the darkness to answer a question that has been gnawing at our hearts: Is there a conclusion to this terrifying story? We find ourselves captivated by a strong need to see the outcome of our quest as we make our way along the perilous roads, teetering on the edge of both terror and awe.

Fear not, for I, your steadfast companion, will reveal the mystery behind Sons of The Forest’s epilogue. We’ll go into the depths of the game’s labyrinthine narrative, piecing together clues and determining our own fate via the frightening darkness and spine-tingling encounters. Suspense will build throughout the novel as it progresses, driving us to keep reading.

You might get confused when the end comes if you are not attentive enough to the notes and details. As the ending of the game Sons of the Forest is quite confusing, I am going to help you to understand the end of the game through my article. Read it carefully and see if this is right or wrong in your game.

So, let’s start!

Sons Of The Forest – Multiple Endings Explained

Does Sons Of The Forest Have An Ending

You will find multiple endings in the game Sons of the Forest. Though the storyline of the game will remain the same, your companions will be decided and the endpoint will come on the decisions you have made at the key points of the game. The predecessor game of Sons of the Forest had the same thing, so it is no wonder that it also will have the same ending. 

But there are a few differences between the older and the newer version of the game. In this new version, your choice results are clearer. You will get a game-plus mode in this version using which you can run rampant on the island, can harass locals, and build a kick-ass Forest Base too.

There are some fan theories too regarding the multiple ending of the game Sons of the Forest as the endings are not yet clear to all. But there are clear endings you will find in this game. I will explain the fan theories too and will also tell why these theories are so popular, what is the logic behind these theories.

Now let me discuss all the possible endings of the game Sons of the Forest.

1. Keep Your Friends Close Ending

In this ending, you will have to keep alive both Virginia and Kevin, because this ending involves these two. Before moving towards the VIP Bunker, befriend Virginia, because this action will make them both appear in the last cutscene to witness the dimensional slip from your side.

After you reappear on the beach, sit inside the helicopter. You will see that both Virginia and Kevin will join you. Then you can leave the island together. This is the process to unlock the Keep Your Friends Close achievement.

2. Fought Demons Ending

When you finish boarding the helicopter, you will achieve the Fought Demons Ending in the game Sons of the Forest. This ending will allow you and 2 mysterious characters to escape the island in order to return to your civilization without any difficulties. This part will appear in an animation scene during the credits roll and unlock the Fought Demons’ achievement.

3. Fight Demons Ending

When you finally reach the golden cube, the end of the game comes, but with a slight difference. When you are awake on the beach, you do not have to enter the helicopter, rather you have to turn around to pick up your equipment from the ground. As soon as you pick up your equipment, the helicopter will take off and fly away without taking you in it.

And as soon as the chopper will take off, you will unlock the Fight Demons achievement. When you discover and enter the golden cube, this is the only possible ending that will help you to stay alive on this island and allow you to keep playing the game.

Fan Theories About The Ending

The fans of the game Sons of the Forest also have some innovative speculations regarding the endings of the game. Though these speculations are very innovative, these are not confirmed by the developers yet. But the fan theories clearly show how confused people are when it comes to the explanation of the ending of the game.

The most popular fan theory regarding the ending of the game Sons of the Forest is – Eric LeBlanc and Timmy from the Forest are two unidentified persons whom the player keeps running across. People give the logic that as the scar of Timmy matches the scars on the younger guy in the Forest, so they say it was none other than Timmy. It is believed that the cube can move between dimensions.

They believe it because one of the walls of the cube opens to a futuristic metropolis. Players find a piece of paper in the bunker along with the golden armor and this made the fans believe that the cube can travel through dimensions. The book named Parallel Universes and Travel Between Them written by Tim LeBlanc adds more weight to the idea of the cube being able to travel between dimensions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How many endings are there in the game Sons of the Forest?
Ans. There are 3 possible different endings that you can see while playing the game Sons of the Forest. In one end, you can unlock the Keep Your Friends Close achievement, in another end, you will unlock the Fought Demons’ achievement, and in the last end, you can unlock the Fight Demons achievement.

Q2. What are the fan theories about the endings of the game Sons of the Forest?
Ans. There are two most popular fan theories regarding the endings of the game Sons of the Forest. One says that Eric LeBlanc and Timmy are the two mysterious characters of the game that comes across the players every time in the Forest. And the other says the cube can travel through dimensions. Though none of these theories are confirmed by the developers of the game.

The Final Words

There are three endings in the game Sons of the Forest. One is called the Keep Your Friends Close ending, the second one is called Fought Demons’ ending, and the last one is called Fight Demons ending.

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