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Dog Breeds: French Bulldog Personality & Diet

Dog Breeds: French Bulldog Personality & Diet
Dog Breeds: French Bulldog Personality & Diet

Every dog breed has a different personality, temperament, and habits that make them suitable for different owners.  When you are looking for a new dog, especially if it is your first, you need to think about what you are looking for, whether it is a very lively canine, or a more docile, calm breed that is happiest snoozing on the couch. If you are looking for more information, this website has a list of the most and least active dog breeds.

If you are looking for a calmer dog breed, French Bulldogs, known as “Frenchies”, are amongst the most even-tempered dogs around. Traditionally a companion dog, they have also been ratter dogs (used for catching rats) in previous years, but now are usually found in domestic settings.

Weighing around 25-27 pounds, and 11-12 inches, they are relatively small dogs but quite stocky and muscular, and certainly not light. In color, they can be black, white, a mixture of the two, or fawn. They also have signature upright ears known as ‘bat ears’, which differentiate this breed from other bulldogs, like English Bulldogs or American Bulldogs.

French Bulldog Care

One of the most iconic features of French Bulldogs is their wrinkles. These need particular care. You need to regularly clean their face wrinkles with an antibacterial wipe, ideally once or twice a week. Take care when you do this, get into all their wrinkles, especially the deeper ones around their nose, and look out for any irregularities on their skin.

You can also use dog shampoo if you like, but make sure you clean all the shampoo off with warm water, and then completely dry it. Leaving water in your pup’s face folds can lead to bacterial infections which will be painful.

You can also purchase special nose care products for your French Bulldog to help keep their nose and skin moisturized. This will help to keep them comfortable and ensure you are taking great care of their delicate skin.

French Bulldog Personality Traits

French Bulldogs are lovely dogs, very gentle and friendly, and with a great sense of humor. They are well-suited to a variety of different homes, with one-person households or larger families; bulldogs tend to get on with most people and other dog breeds. Because they do not need a lot of exercises, they can be in smaller apartment buildings, as long as they have some access to outdoor space such as a nearby park.

French Bulldogs are great watchdogs, and they will often alert their owners of danger. However, they are not generally very noisy and don’t tend to bark often, ideal if you do live in a household with children, an apartment block, or with people who are sensitive to noise. They will only really bark when they become particularly excited.

French Bulldogs are loving and need attention. They are ideal for owners who don’t want to go out for lots of exercise, but who are willing to give their dog plenty of love and care. They will often follow their owners around different rooms, which some people love.

These factors are worth considering when choosing which dog is right for you. If you are looking for a more active dog breed, there is a full list of the most energetic and lively breeds here: http://www.holistapet.com/. These breeds are much more suitable for active owners, who already spend a lot of time exercising and are happy to take their canine on 2 or more walks every day.

How to Train a French Bulldog

French Bulldogs can be stubborn but with encouragement and consistency, it is possible to train them effectively. Start training as soon as possible, whether you are getting a puppy or an older dog. They are intelligent so should pick up commands easily.

If you get a puppy, start potty training immediately. Create a special area and stick steadfastly to the rules, Frenchies can be stubborn so don’t let your puppy get away with anything.

It is also really important for French Bulldogs to socialize with other dogs, they have big personalities and do well around other breeds. So, try to integrate your French Bulldog into your family, introduce them to other humans and other dog breeds. Sometimes they can be standoffish initially but this will usually die down and they will become friendlier. Try giving your canine a treat if they calmly approach another dog, this will help reinforce socialization.

Make your training fun and try to introduce games wherever possible. French Bulldogs love playing and will be receptive to positivity and rewards when they do something well. In terms of exercise, French Bulldogs do not need a lot, but in order to maintain a healthy weight, they need regular walks, usually once a day.

Diet-wise, French Bulldogs thrive off high-quality animal protein like poultry and fish, and dry food (kibble) that is easily digestible. They can be prone to allergies so keep an eye on what your pup is eating and adapt their diet accordingly.

French Bulldogs are one very friendly and loving dog breed, and that is why they are so adored by pet owners worldwide. Calm and laid-back, they are quiet dogs, great with people and other breeds.

Ultimately whichever breed you choose, you need to make sure it is the right fit for you and your lifestyle, so do your research and take your time making a decision.


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