Don’t get stuck! Block Puzzle tips to clear space


    Block Puzzle seems straightforward, but the unique challenges make this a go-to activity when you need to keep yourself occupied. The game is exhilarating and mentally stimulating. If you have played Tetris in your childhood, you don’t even need to waste time learning the rules.

    In the online Block Puzzle game, you are presented with a grid. The block pieces appear at the bottom of the screen in threes. You need to drag and drop the blocks to fill up the grid. However, the game’s objective is not to have a full grid but to create horizontal and vertical lines that will disappear. So the catch is always to have space on the grid where more blocks can be dragged and dropped. If the grid runs out of space, it’s game over.

    There may be times when you find yourself stuck and unable to decide your next moves. In th0se situations, you must remain calm and keep the following tactics. These strategies are specifically curated to help players clear space when playing Block Puzzle and score more points.

    • Planning every move is vital

    It is a puzzle game, and hence, you cannot place the blocks randomly on the grid. While it is typical to get engrossed in clearing the columns and rows, you must be aware of what’s happening around you.

    Each match session lasts about five minutes, and your goal is to remain in the game as long as possible. So, it would be best to control your moves to avoid creating situations where you might find yourself stuck or unable to find any space on the grid to place the blocks.

    The best way to ensure you play the game until the timer runs out is by analyzing the blocks on the grid and planning your next move. Holding out for as long as possible is the best tactic to beat your opponent and win.

    • Stacking blocks on the grid is a big no-no!

    Stacking blocks randomly on the grid will not get you anywhere. You might think you’ll get more options if you quickly drag and drop the first three blocks appearing on your screen, but you’ll be soon proven wrong.

    While speed is a factor when competing with an opponent, you must avoid stacking blocks. Carefully think about the pieces that fit your strategy before dragging and dropping the blocks on the grid.

    • Target multiple vertical and horizontal lines to score more

    The game’s objective is to clear the grid by placing blocks in vertical or horizontal lines. The focus is on creating lines that can be cleared. Every time you clear a line, you score points, and there’s free space on the game board.

    Since you compete with a real-life opponent, clearing single columns and rows won’t get you far. You’ll lag behind your opponent. It is crucial to focus on clearing multiple vertical and horizontal lines. So, place the blocks on the grid to allow you to get rid of several columns and rows.

    • Don’t leave single unconnected blocks and single spaces

    Single blocks are quite rare, and players need to have at least two blocks to make a horizontal or vertical line. If making a line seems impossible, you need to look at the grid and think of ways to place the blocks. The blocks need to be placed in a fashion that doesn’t leave any block unconnected. Also, there must not be any single space between the blocks because you’ll be stuck then.

    • Start attacking the grid corners instead of the center

    A tried and true Block Puzzle strategy is placing blocks on the grid’s corners so the middle space is relatively free. If you quickly fill up the grid’s center, you’ll run out of room. So, it is essential to start playing from the corners, and as you create horizontal or vertical lines, you will reach the center.

    Furthermore, leaving a chunk of space in the middle of the grid is vital because the square piece might appear out of the blue to run your game.

    • Never, ever forget to leave space on the grid for the square piece

    The 3X3 square piece is the most notorious block piece in the Block Puzzle game. The piece cannot be rotated, and it must be placed the way it is. So, if the game board doesn’t have enough space for this piece, the game’s over.

    So, be more prepared to leave space for this block piece next time. It will help not ruin your game, and you can continue playing it until the timer runs out.

    Besides these, you need to cut down on distractions so you don’t forget your strategies. For instance, when playing online Block Puzzle games, switch off all your phone notifications and alerts. You don’t want to be disturbed by a disturbing WhatsApp message or a story update on Instagram. Also, the match only lasts for five minutes so keep your focus on the game.

    The bottom line

    Playing and winning the Block Puzzle game is about implementing the right game strategies. It would be best if you were prepared for the blocks that will appear on your screen after you have already placed the three previous blocks. It would be best to get accustomed to the game’s control to play speedily.

    So, download the game and use these tactics to have a great time.



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