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The success of the dungeon and dragons has been constantly witnessing an increase and has one of the most important genres in video games. It has a large variety of exponents within it and the recognition has brought the dungeon defenders 2 codes with it.

The most important goal of this game is to become a hero in its field and to help the players while playing the game the dungeon defenders 2 codes help to achieve the goal. DUNGEON DEFENDER 2 CODES

Each of the mentioned tricks will have an access of options attached to it that will help in combating the skills and weaponry and it makes an option to move hand in hand in a conquest.

Some of the dungeon defenders 2 free codes are mentioned below with the benefits related to each of them are also mentioned below-

1. Bomb Squad- This helps in redeeming the code and defeats the Kobolds before they light the fuse.

2. Clever girl code- This code helps to deal with the financial up to 2,50,000 because of the explosive traps.

3. Buster Cannon- This is a redeem code and can help in dealing with the damage codes up to 2,50,000 because of the explosive traps.

4. Defense Prodigy- This is a redeem code that helps in reaching level 5.

5. Forgot to heal- This a redeem code that will help the player to die.

6. Defender initiate- This code also helps the user to reach level 25 as a hero.

7. Shoots Da fire- This code helps to deal worth the damages that cost up to 2,50,000 because of the Flameburst towers.

8. Talong guard- To reach level 25 the player can use this redeem code.

9. Steady aim- This code is used to inflict 10 critical hits in a single row.

10. The Zapper- This code can redeem the damage with the Lightning Auras up to 2,50,000.

Dungeon Defenders 2 Xbox One Codes

There are approximately 18 different achievements for the Dungeons defender that can be used on Xbox One. These codes are mentioned below-

1. To reach level 5 the defender initiate code can be used.

2. The defender of Etheria helps in completing the campaign by defeating the Harbinger.

3. Heroes united helps to reach level 50 from the first two heroes in the deck.

4. Dig Dugged- It helps to defeat the witherbeasts before they finish the burrowing.

5. Etheria Defense Force- It creates a hero deck with the level heroes.

6. Special Delivery- This helps in defeating more than 1,000 enemies.

7. Veteran defender- This helps in reach level 25 on a hero.

8. To activate the environmental traps one can use Triggered My Trap Carts.

9. To defeat the Kobolds before they can fuse the light the player can use the Bomb Squad.

10. For the first two heroes in the hero deck helping to reach level 25, the player can use The Defender.

11. The Buster Cannon helps in dealing with a 5,000,000 damage with the Cannonball Towers.

There are many other codes which can be used in both personal devices like computers or x box one. This helps in playing the game efficiently and increases the chances of winning and completing the game. Many people have started using these codes in the game and so far they have been successful.

Dungeon Defenders 2 Shard List


The shards are the artifacts that slot into the armor, relics, and weapons. These skills are replaced by the spheres system and the items which give the hero extra abilities of the skills and the green shards buff only the defenses which can be placed in the relics. The blue shards buff the hero and they can be moved between different pieces of gears and can be upgraded from the inventory.

A piece of armor allows the user to hold shards and all of the themes combined to give the user new abilities which further support them additionally.

The drop locations in the game only drop in the Onslaught or the incursions which are confirmed by the technical team DUNGEON DEFENDER 2 CODES of the game itself. Some of the codes included in the shard list are mentioned below-

1. Fortification- This helps in increasing the health defense by 2-34 percent.

2. Defensive Critical Damage- This helps to increase the crit damage of the tower by 4-20 percent.

3. Construction- This helps in increasing the upgrade, repair during the combat phase of the game.

4. Concussive Chi- This helps in conducting secondary attacks which have the feature to stun the targets.

5. Concussive shocks- This helps in increasing the stun duration.

6. The corruption’s fortification is the Armor buff of the Dryad’s in the purest possible form by 4-40 percent.

7. Drenching strikes- This helps the primary attacks to hit the enemies within seconds.

8. Enhanced Decoy- The death from the decoy deals with an extra damage.

9. Retribution- Whenever a damage is taken up, one has a chance of dealing with the damage to the attacker.

10. Speed boost- Helps in increasing the movement.

11. Worm Scarf- This reduces the damage by 3-15 percent.

Redeemable Codes For Town Of Salem

The town of Salem codes is linked to every different role in the game even when the player is a murderer in the game and they will be invisible to the victims. The redeem code to activate the serial killer mode in the game is DUNGEON DEFENDER 2 CODES S5V5D9E683Z7GZYXX34Q.

Though there is no specific list that details the commands that can be used in the game one can use these codes only once during the duration of the game. Whenever a code is entered, it can automatically stop working and expire with time.

To redeem the town of Salem codes the player has to click on the gear icon on the game start screen to enable the options interface. One can select the trick they prefer and copy-paste the commands by clicking on the cheat and then activating it. One can no longer enter the code that has been entered previously which can help in the mysteries of the town to enjoy a great game of riddles.

Dd2 Gunwitch Build

The ascension build for the gun with DPS offers health 140/140 and hero damage. The defense part of the gun witch includes scattering sweep damage and ice needle damage. The utility of the gun witch includes Hero Critical Chance, Hero Critical Damage, and the Ice Needle Duration. To get a pet that has poisonous tips helps in achieving the bonus on the earth damage for the perfect build and one should get a weapon like Sweeper Cannon which should have an average of 2 per second.


Dungeon Defenders Hacks

The general life and time-saving tips and tricks in the game are Reassign hotkeys which help in the customization. The menu transitions have also become faster and the tavern floor storage helps to keep the items locked. The quality filters and the auto sell option helps to clear out the items by segregating them into necessary and unnecessary.

Any other means for the purpose won’t work and will not yield anything. The redux options include the No Join Level requirement and resize the damage numbers. The hero quick swapping, reorganization work for the forge and item box and in the folders and locks. Item farming can also be targeted.DUNGEON DEFENDER 2 CODES


Dungeons Defenders is one of the most popular video games in the present time and even the codes for dungeon defenders 2 are being preferred by most of the players. The reason for the popularity of the game is because of the interface and smooth functioning of the game that helps in its working and people prefer to play it. The codes mentioned above work in almost all the formats of the game.


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