E-Learning and Games in Adobe Captivate

E-Learning and Games in Adobe Captivate
E-Learning and Games in Adobe Captivate

A whole lot of the e-Learning and games I’ve designed have been developed in Adobe Flash. But, it’s worth noting that authoring tools like Adobe Captivate can provide rapid development opportunities. With just a small amount of scripting sat beneath the bonnet, the results can be remarkable rather than simply PowerPoint with queries.

These examples were created by myself. They were coded and designed over the span of 8 days and were an exercise in self-training in Captivate and a car to test the constraints of the authoring tool.

The example presented here simulates altering a widget in a browser. The Show e-Learning Issueindicates the trainee what they have to perform and Test Topic is an interactive step through.

Systems training has clear applications in adult instruction, but could also be utilised in ICT courses in schools.

This photo story demonstrates how great educational design can even elevate a simple multiple choice question. According to three panel photo strips, the design and development uses Captivate’s scripting and timeline performance to display suitable feedback and alter the following part of the narrative.

E-Learning and Games in Adobe Captivate
E-Learning and Games in Adobe Captivate

Photo tales are story based learning and are an outstanding way to present problems. In adult instruction, they may be used to train processes and in instruction they provide a highly effective way to teach subjects such as PHSE.

This case is an effort to drive Captivate to its limitations. The SITUATED-training course puts the trainee in a digital setting where they will need to visit many places, talk to characters and interact with items. The educational design embeds a system simulation within a lively story line. At the conclusion of the training, the trainee is presented with a lively end report which reveals what they did and did not do.

SITUATED-training is constructed around a cause and effect motor and provides a vehicle to provide problem solving training. The strategy is beneficial to train skills like project management and auditing. In education, think history, science and geography.


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