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Easiest Ways To Setup And Host Your First Video Game Server

Easiest Ways To Setup And Host Your First Video Game Server
Easiest Ways To Setup And Host Your First Video Game Server

Avid video gamers, especially those who enjoy participating in multiplayer games, would be glad that there are various ways to enjoy the games with other players. Nowadays, multiplayer networked games are the prevailing form of entertainment among friends. Among the famous games are Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Last Man Standing, Vintage Story, Wolfquest and the list goes on.  To enjoy these network games or any games with your friends, there is an option to set up a game server on your personal computer or you may arrange for a cloud server for 24/7 access. Whichever option you select, here are details to set up and host your video game server:

What is a Game Server?

A game server can be local or remote servers that provide details of the game to the players or game clients. The server contains the logic and rules of the game as well as keeps track of the players. On the other hand, the game clients handle graphics, sounds, and controls. It is possible to run a multiplayer game on your home network, although you must know the ports blocked in your router and be knowledgeable on how to unblock or forward the ports in your WiFi for other players to connect with you. Security is also an issue, and you must be able to manage and implement security systems. A better option is to obtain a cloud server. 

Setup and Hosting a Video Game Server 

Check your Connection

Before setting up a game server, analyze your network and the broadband connection you intend to use for gaming. Determine if the bandwidth can handle the game you are hosting and other factors that may affect your system. If your network is up to the challenge, then its time to start to select your server. 

Dedicated or Shared Hosting

A virtual private server (VPS) is needed to set up a multiplayer server that people can access. According to experts, Apache hosting can meet this demand because of Apache’s module-based structure that allows it to be configured according to the game’s VPS requirements. Moreover, this web server is a fast, low-cost, stable platform for serving up web content and services. 

You can also choose between dedicated hosting or shared hosting for your game server. Dedicated hosting provides you with distinct specifications of the service you are purchasing. Since a portion of the server is committed to you, it may be more expensive in contrast to a shared hosting that grants you several resources from multiple servers. Managed hosting is also a service included in some hosting providers. This includes various tools to set up, configure, and manage your game server.  

Easiest Ways To Setup And Host Your First Video Game Server
Easiest Ways To Setup And Host Your First Video Game Server

Still, dedicated servers are recommended for hosting games. Administrators can customize the game and tweak the specifications according to what the team wants. The number of players that can log in to the server can also be controlled to prevent overload. The authority also extends to creating a private game environment for friends and allies. Furthermore, with dedicated servers, you would not be sharing the resource with other gaming groups.

Game Dependencies and Requirements

Install any files or dependencies required b the game you intend to host. It is also helpful to visit the game’s website for resources needed, such as game installers and software or file dependencies. Game specifications are also commonly found on their website and communities to help you set up the game.

Test your Game server

Once the above steps are completed, it is time to test your game server. Most of the adjustments you will be accomplishing in this step will be based on the game requirements and maybe just a bit of tweaking on your server. Invite friends and allies to perform a test run before running an official game. 

Setting up a game server may be intimidating at first. However, there are various resources already available to make it easier. The essential steps you just need to perform is first to verify that your broadband connection is reliable and fast. Then choose the type of web hosting that fits your intention and budget. After selecting the server type, you may then proceed to set up your game and its requirements. Testing your server, of course, is imperative before your off to having endless fun with friends. 

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