eLearning Manifesto – 20 Supporting Principles

eLearning Manifesto - 20 Supporting Principles
eLearning Manifesto - 20 Supporting Principles
“We trust that learning innovation offers the likelihood for making remarkably important learning encounters.We likewise accept, with a feeling of pity and significant disappointment, that most elearning neglects to satisfy its guarantee.
We additionally trust that present patterns summon an eventual fate of just insignificant change in elearning outline—unless something radical is done to twist the bend.”
This is the introduction to the eLearning Manifesto  set up together by Michael Allen, Julie Dirksen, Clark Quinn and Will Thalheimer.
They set out 20 supporting standards:
eLearning Manifesto - 20 Supporting Principles
eLearning Manifesto – 20 Supporting Principles
  • Try not to Assume that Learning is the Solution
  • Try not to Assume that eLearning is the Answer
  • Attach Learning to Performance Goals
  • Target Improved Performance
  • Give Realistic Practice
  • Enroll Authentic Contexts
  • Give Guidance and Feedback
  • Give Realistic Consequences
  • Adjust to Learner Needs
  • Inspire Meaningful Involvement
  • Go for Long-term Impact
  • Utilize Interactivity to Prompt Deep Engagement
  • Offer help for Post-Training Follow-Through
  • Analyze Root Causes
  • Utilize Performance Support
  • Measure Effectiveness
  • Emphasize in Design, Development, and Deployment
  • Bolster Performance Preparation
  • Bolster Learner Understanding with Conceptual Models
  • Utilize Rich Examples and Counterexamples
  • Empower Learners to Learn from Mistakes
  • Regard Learners

All in all, I think all around composed e-Learning and reenactments/amusements both have their place BUT what is key is ensuring that they are student centered and they convey against the required needs and results. Furthermore, not gives crow a chance to bar in an evil fitting arrangement that is basically about cutting expenses.


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