Esport industry and trends for the year 2020 according to eSports news


A trend that has hit the market in recent years in the arena of gaming is eSports. What are eSports you may ask? Well, looking at eSports news, one can gather that eSports are competition sports that use video games as a medium. In Esport news, It is quite a controversial topic as to whether video games classify as sports or not, however, anyone who has actually played these games knows it’s not a child’s play and requires an immense amount of skill and patience.

 eSport competitions see amateurs and professionals alike coming together in groups and competing against each other in games such as Dota, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, etc usually for a huge amount of prize money  The most recent video game that has joined the eSports trend is PubG, with competitions for it taking place all over the world. From, the above it is quite easy to conclude that the eSports industry is a booming industry and now let us look at some eSports trends we are expecting to see with the new year 2020 in accordance with eSports news

Expected trends for the year 2020 

Even though eSports is a recent addition to the gaming arena, its revenue and viewership have been increasing year after year and It is expected that the revenue for eSports will grow to $1.48 Billion in 2020 in the U.S. alone. 

The eSport industry revenue is usually generated through sponsorships, advertisements, and entrance fees. Almost 40% of the eSport revenue comes from sponsorships and close to $250 million is used to set up these competitions. 

The revenue that is earned by the eSports industry is mostly generated from Asia when being seen across the globe. This statistic is expected to continue even in the year 2020 with more and more revenue being generated from this continent alone. 

Apart from the Asian market generating the revenue for eSports, North America is the next continent that has boomed the revenue in relation to eSports. It is expected that the revenue from North America alone in the year 2020 will be close to $607 Billion U.S. Dollars. 

Even if looked at by the advertising perspective, the eSport industry is considered a profitable medium for advertising by advertisers. According to the advertisers, the audience that views eSports are a receptive audience and they have seen a boom in business during that time. 

Accordingly, it is expected that the viewership for eSports will increase to close to 400 million viewers in the year 2020 and thus more and more brands and businesses will be planning to advertise through the eSports medium. 

The profile of the gamers who have been playing eSports has been increasing over the years. ESports in the start saw mostly men coming forward and participating, however, with the increase in popularity and viewership, the participants include both men and women. 

The new year 2020 will also see new eSport teams being formed with the actual financial backing of sports investors or sports investors, in the way other team sports are conducted. 

As mentioned above, the viewership for eSports is said to increase to 400 million in the year 2020. This includes both men and women. According to statistics, 61% of the viewers are expected to be below the age of 35, with the majority of the viewers coming from Asia. 

Though betting is not involved in the calculation of revenue of the eSports industry, it has been seen that the practice has been around since the inception of these games and have generated quite an amount of money and in the terms of the betting market, betting on eSports is the seventh most popular trend. In conclusion, the eSports market is a growing market and it does not look like it is going to stop growing. According to eSports news, the revenue as well as viewership for eSports is going to take a huge leap in the year 2020, which will be beneficial all around, as it will give opportunity for the advertisers to advertise their material to a more receptive audience, increase the value of prize money for the players and provide for opportunities to invest in such sports to sports enthusiasts.

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