Facts About Fortnite you Probably Didn't Know

Facts About Fortnite you Probably Didn't Know
Facts About Fortnite you Probably Didn't Know

You may have heard people talking about this game called Fortnite recently. It is a game that continues to gain popularity among gaming enthusiasts. For gamers, Fortnite offers an opportunity to keep in touch with friends and also interact with people who share the same interests.
Here are some facts about Fortnite that you probably didn’t know:

1. Why the name “Fortnite”?

The game is based on players trying to survive for a period of two weeks (a fortnight). Another way to look at it is the fact that forts are built to protect “survivors” that the player comes across during the adventure, hence the name “Fortnite”.

2. Based on the movie “The Hunger Games”

Just like in the novel and movie “The Hunger Games” players in this game are taken to a massive generated map. They are then required to survive by finding the necessary resources, including weapons that they can use to kill the competition.

3. It’s a great option when you need a mental break

Facts About Fortnite you Probably
Facts About Fortnite you Probably

If you have been working for many hours and need a mental break, Fortnite can be a great option. Many people including celebrities such as the rap star Drake have said that the game provided them with a welcome distraction after long hours of work.

4. The pyramid trick

Trapping yourself inside a pyramid is one of the best ways to surprise your enemies. Once inside, you can see what’s happening around you by editing it to make it transparent. Selecting double squares of your pyramid turns it into a ramp that you can get out of and kill our enemy.

5. Device compatibility

If you opt to use Fortnite Nexus the only thing you need is a device that is compatible. The game is not difficult to learn and since so many people now play it, you can always find someone to teach you how to play if you don’t already know.

6. Falling into the ocean is a good way to land

The umbrellas and gliders will automatically open when they reach a certain distance above the ground. However, if you are diving over the ocean, they won’t open. So if you can jump out and fall into the ocean, you will be able to land much faster.

7. Stay on the roofs and trees

For any experienced player, roofs and trees offer the best height to locate other opponents. Once you are sure that the area is safe, you can get into buildings and look for great items that you can use when battling with your enemies.

8. The game is mostly free

Fortnite is available for free on a number of platforms. The only time players might have to part with some money is when purchasing customized attire to be worn by their avatars or buying custom moves. As far as special weapons are concerned, players don’t need to spend any money to buy them.

In summary

Whether you are heavily into video games or are looking for something to keep you occupied in your free time, Fortnite is a great option to have. The fact that it is free of charge and also easy to learn means that anyone can enjoy it.


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