Five Great Video Games That Feature Casino Minigames


If you enjoy playing both video games and casino games, you are sure to love games that combine the two. Several video games contain exciting casino minigames. Here are five of the best.

Final Fantasy VIII

In the immensely popular 1999 RPG Final Fantasy VIII, a group of mercenaries is drawn into conflict with a sorceress from the future called Ultimecia. Included in the video game is the fictional gambling minigame Triple Triad. Playing with different colored cards on a 3×3 grid, you need to get all of your cards on the board before your opponent. If you manage to win, you double your stake.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

The seventh game in the hugely popular GTA series, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, is set in an open world environment that you can explore and interact with. The story focuses on Carl CJ Johnson, who returns home after his mother dies and finds himself returning to his former gangster lifestyle. One of the game’s many components includes fully-fledged casinos, where you can play traditional casino games like slots, blackjack, poker, and roulette.

Interestingly, you can even borrow money from the casinos to play the games. You may prefer playing live casino games, where you play with a real dealer in real-time at an online live casino in your country of origin, such as the United Kingdom or Japan. You can play a ライブルーレットゲーム (live roulette game) and many other well-known games at a live casino. But when it comes to playing casino minigames in non-gambling video games, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is one of your best options.

Leisure Suit Larry

In the 21st century, the video game Leisure Suit Larry feels rather politically incorrect. But bear in mind it was released way back in 1987. The game follows a balding, double-entendre-speaking man in his forties called Larry who is trying to pick up women and lose his virginity. But the sheer crassness of Leisure Suit Larry actually makes it a fun game to play in this day and age. Larry tries to meet women at bars and discos, but to fund his night out, he needs cash. To gain money to fuel his women-chasing evening, Larry hits the video game’s casinos. As Larry, you can play firm casino favorites like slot games and blackjack to replenish your wallet.

The Sims 3

Since its release in 2009, The Sims 3 has sold more than 10 million copies, making it one of the best-selling PC games of all time. To play casino games in the life simulation video game, you need to get the casino add-on.

You can then try your hand at slots, blackjack, poker, and other popular casino games. However, unlike other video games featuring casino minigames, you do not actually get to play the casino games yourself. Instead, you watch as your sim plays. The Sims 3 also enables you to build and manage your own casino.

Red Dead Redemption 2

When Red Dead Redemption 2 came out in 2018, the action-adventure game generated $725 million in sales in just the first weekend. It went on to shift more than 36 million copies, making it one of the best-selling video games of all time.

Set in 1899, the story follows the outlaw Arthur Morgan, who is attempting to survive the decline of the wild west while battling against gangs, government forces, and other enemies. Like the original Red Dead Redemption game, you can try your luck at playing poker at private games as you travel through the badlands.

You can play poker games against real players or AI-powered software. If you want to know what it feels like to play poker at the tail-end of the cowboy era, Red Dead Redemption is the game for you.


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