Five router gaming tips every gamer needs to know for optimal performance


Gaming consoles are transitioning and getting better by the day, thanks to technology. As players continue to pursue gaming enthusiastically, manufacturers are up and about developing better gadgets and games to better the experience altogether.

With some games, it is becoming almost impossible to enjoy the gaming experience without a proper connection to the internet. It is why players need to invest in a good router to get on with their games. In router gaming, there are some things you must know if at all you are to enjoy maximum performance. Here are the five main router gaming tips you must follow through with as a gamer:

Start with the basics of bandwidth

Bandwidth is the determining factor for how much data can go up and down the radio frequencies as regards to your router. It is apparent that the more the data, the better the functionality of your router, and the swifter the gaming experience.

Get the right hardware


Like you would go for big man chairs because they befit your body features and your personal preferences, check to ensure you have the router that can get the gaming job done, and done efficiently. For one, is your router running the latest firmware? Having the newest firmware translates to an optimized router.

For this one, do not just trust what the labels say or what the store you got it from insinuated. It would help to get more information about this issue straight off the manufacturer’s site. Other than that, assess the speeds from your ISP. You can do this by connecting your computer directly to the modem with an Ethernet cable, to run a speed test.

Overall, you want to secure the most stable cabling, and as it is, the CAT5e or CAT6 Ethernet cabling is mostly known for having less interference. Further, prefer a wired Ethernet for your home network, over wireless, which offers lower latency, higher security, and increased stability.

Before you settle on which router to get, get the best in the market that can conveniently handle all of the smartphones, tablets, and media streaming devices that can clog up the network in a household, and cause delays and speed issues.

Pro tip: use a router with gigabit Ethernet ports, as it can handle speeds up to 25 MB/s.

Wireless AC

In a situation where Ethernet cabling cannot work for you, consider a Wireless AC router. Today, you can find one with a 5GHz band, which is faster and a little more reliable than the older version, which was the 2.4GHz band. Better yet, go for the dual-band Wi-Fi router. The only difference between this one and the wireless AC is that the dual-band Wi-Fi router supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands.

This means that you can use the 2.4GHz band on your older devices, like specific smartphones, and then use the 5GHz band on gaming. The only downside of these routers is the range. Since they have a short-range, rearrange things in your room so that the router is not more than a room away from your gaming device.

Quality of Service (QoS)

The QoS is a feature in routers that prioritizes certain data packets for specific devices connected. Technically, this feature is great when there are multiple users on this very same network, doing network-intensive activities. Without it, it means you have to deal with slow speeds, and that is very compromising for gamers. Some network-intensive activities can be, playing games, watching Netflix in HD, and using Skype. The QoS will prioritize the activity you want it to, which means, data for gaming will be of more priority that data for the other things within the same network.


CPU and RAM should not only matter when you are looking for a computer to use. Your router has to handle tons of network data every single second, which means it requires a robust system to support all these operations. As you are aware, games send and receive a lot of data every second, and for that kind of heavy-duty, the CPU of your router should be strong.

Therefore, do not just go for any cheap router in the market. Get yourself a powerful router that can withstand the heavy gaming, video streams, file downloads, video chat, among other things you will be doing within the network.

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