FMWhatsApp: One of the best Alternative to WhatsApp

    FMWhatsApp: One of the best Alternative of WhatsApp
    FMWhatsApp: One of the best Alternative of WhatsApp

    Are you get bored with official WhatsApp and want to get some extra features in it? You are at the right place. There are many people who are using WhatsApp in their daily routine for doing some office work, chat with clients and getting connected with family members too. But, the WhatsApp comes with some limited features as you can’t change its look, you can’t hide your Online Status, etc.

    FMWhatsApp: One of the best Alternative of WhatsApp
    FMWhatsApp: One of the best Alternative of WhatsApp

    So, these are some reasons because of which many WhatsApp users want an alternative. We have come with FMWhatsApp, this is one of the best alternatives of official WhatsApp. This Mod will give you some extra features and trust me you will get an experience better than official WhatsApp.

    I m sure once you downloaded fmwhatsapp apk in your phone after that you won’t be regret because it does not require different applications for different features.

    Table of Contents

    Advanced Features of FMWhatsApp

    1. Send Image with High Resolution

    You may have noticed that while sending any photo to your friend with WhatsApp the quality of the image gets reduced. This happens because WhatsApp compresses the size of the image which reduced the quality of images. But, FMWhatsApp does not do this. FMWhatsApp sends images of the same quality with full resolution. You can send an image of up to 18 MB size without losing its quality.

    • Change Font

    Sometimes you want to change the font of your WhatsApp but official WhatsApp does not have this feature. But FMWhatsApp comes with the feature of changing the font.

    • Disable Forward Tag

    Whenever you forward any message to someone WhatsApp adds a forward tag on that particular message. But, FMWhatsApp is an application with the help of which you are free to forward messages without a forward tag on it.

    • Get some extra privacy feature

    You can hide last seen of your profile but you can’t hide the “Online” status. Secondly, if anyone is calling you again and again and you don’t want to receive that call then you only have an option to block him.

    But, if you use FMWhatsApp then you will be able to hide “Online” status and you will also get an option to choose a person from whom you want to receive a call. With the help of this feature, you can rid off unwanted audio and video calls.

    •  View Story or Status

    If you want to see WhatsApp Status of your contact and you don’t want to let him or her know about it then bad luck you don’t have any feature on WhatsApp. But, with the help of FMWhatsApp, you can do it easily. You can see the status of knowing them.

    Final Words

    So, if you are searching for an alternative of WhatsApp then FMWhatsApp is one of the best Alternatives of it. You will get some extra features in it with extra privacy. We have listed some advanced features of FMWhatsApp which will help you to know about it. So, I hope this article is helpful and informative too for you guys.


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