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Technology has increasingly become the main driver of the economy in recent times, and this proves set to continue. As such, all sectors of the world economy have had to conform to ensure success. The same has happened to the education sector, where learning depends to a large degree on tech devices and the internet to ensure kids become academically successful.

No longer do parents and teachers consider smartphones and other digital mobile devices, as a primary source of distraction, but now, a rich source of valuable information.

So what educational apps prove free that students and teachers can rely on for learning purposes? Some of apps you can use for writing an essay as a big plus. When you think: “I’m willing to fix my essay online or proofread one”, I would love to advise you to see the list below.

Free and Useful Educational Apps

  • Google Classroom. The app proves useful in facilitating some of the day-to-day classroom activities like sending announcements, submitting assignments and getting them graded, sharing resources, seeking answers and remarks, etc. It streamlines classroom activities that would otherwise prove arduous to both teachers and students.
  • EdeX. The educational app proves useful in bringing the ivy-league universities to you from any corner of the world. You can pick whatever you want to learn and get started on the app before getting a certified certificate at the end of the course. It has handouts, tutorials, interactive quizzes, etc.
  • Khan Academy. The app provides free and top-quality learning to students from across the world. Lessons come as video tutorials, and it also offers online courses that prepare you for SAT, LSAT, and MCAT, among other standardized tests.
  • Duolingo. The language app comes to the rescue of many students with the need to learn a foreign language. The learning techniques contained in the app prove adaptive and easily comprehensible. It has over thirty different languages you can choose from
  • Remind. The app proves useful to students when it comes to group studies. It will help you stay linked to the school community, and get regular and useful updates. You can share handouts and pictures, send reminders, submit assignments, both collaboratively and individually.
  • Photomath. It proves useful in the sphere of math. You can obtain a printed or handwritten querry, and have the app assist you on how to solve the questions. Further, you don’t have to stay connected on the internet to do such mathematical operations via the app.
  • SoloLearn. The coding app proves a goldmine to most programming enthusiast. You can learn any programming language through the app, and you do not have to become a pro, as it applies to beginners.
  • Quizlet. It proves effective, and you can easily and identify what learning operation you want to do, like tests, write, learn, flashcards, etc. The availability of the flashcard option makes it ideal for learning as you can actively recall information.
  • Kahoot. The app contains interactive quizzes, which can prove useful in promoting the learning process.
  • Udemy. The app proves convenient in course learning, and you can access over a hundred and thirty-thousand video tutorials.


If you want to make your learning more convenient and effective, it could help, if you considered the mentioned learning apps.

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