Gamification Blog: 5 Excellent Articles

Gamification Blog: 5 Excellent Articles
Gamification Blog: 5 Excellent Articles

Before this week I came across a site, which is operated by Technology Advice. They have several blog themes, among which is gamification and they have a fantastic choice of articles for you to get your teeth stuck into. I’ve highlighted a couple below which are especially intriguing and introduced them temporarily, merely to whet your appetite.

The Debate:

Gamification and Instruction – Discusses the advantages (e.g. focus and preparation abilities and personalised instruction) and negatives (e.g. costly and restricted content) of gamification being used in education.

Not Just Fun and Games: 5 Uncommon Programs of Gamification – Contains making customer service fun, promoting social welfare and much more.

Gamification Blog: 5 Excellent Articles
Gamification Blog: 5 Excellent Articles

Gamifying Healthcare: A New Trend – How gamification has been used in health care (in offices, not only hospitals) including results like a 50% fall in smoking prevalence.

Gamification Fostering Workplace Competition – Discusses the pros and cons that office competition could bring into the organisation and its workers. Disadvantages include anxiety, sore winners and losers and decrease in team spirit.

Big Data, A Negative Effect of Gamification – A less discussed facet of gamification but one that pixelfountain (the company which brings you this site) is extremely interested in. Gamification produces a enormous number of information, which may offer insights into employee or customer behavior. This knowledge can be quite beneficial and potentially profitable.


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