Gamification in Education

I wanted to discuss this infographic with you this week, which provides a fantastic overview of what gamification is all about.  ‘Gamifying the Classroom: 10 Inspiring Articles’. Well since then I’ve come across a lot more interesting bits of reading about gamification and games based learning in education. As gamification is this a hot topic (in schools and universities as well as for young kids), I have formed a list of ten posts, beneath the infographic.

Super Mario and STEM: Notes in the Games + Learning + Society Conference – does pretty much what it says on the tin. The author offers insights and reports about the events of this conference.

Research reveals play-based outside learning enhances ‘school readiness’ — since not all games based learning must revolve around a pc.
A College Professor’s Perspective of Gambling in the Classroom — such as how games can allow for self-paced learning, cooperation and increased motivation
Gamification is not about “Slapping Badges on What” — although not entirely education-specific, this report provides good counter arguments to those that do believe gamification is about badges.

Gamification in Education
Gamification in Education

Video Games Attain Higher degree of U.S. Education — the merits of video games in varying degrees of schooling, including an engineering professor who teaches using video games which expose students to computational math.

Programs for Computer Science — a Great list of Programs (lots of which are free) for use in the ICT / Computer Science program.

A Paradigm Shift in Education — a fantastic summary of gamification in education and why it’s so critical. Also contains some very interesting ideas about gamification for teachers. Educational Games for Kids in Preschool and Kindergarten — a review of an educational program designed to teach kids about emotions.

KidDIY: 2013 National STEM Video Game Challenge Aims to Shape Future of Innovation — discusses a class for kids that teaches things from game design to business sense via a project-based learning style weekend of workshops.

Games Grow Up: Faculties Recognise the ability of Gamification — many case studies of how games based learning and gamification are used with college students.

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