Gamification with World of Classcraft

Gamification with World of Classcraft
Gamification with World of Classcraft

But we’re so impressed with the innovative use of gamification in a school setting, we determined that to do them a little more justice and give them a complete blog post.
In world of classcraft (woc), students play as adventurers and the instructor serves as the game master. The students form groups and each pick a course (mage, warrior or healer). These ought to be balanced in each group as each class has real life powers which range from eating in class to bringing their notes to an exam.

A few of these powers are for private use but a few may be used on other players. They gain abilities by performing good deeds (helping fellow students, completing homework, getting to class on time etc.). But, bad deeds (bullying, being disruptive, not completing homework etc.) lose hit points, which may result in death and terrible consequences (like the dreaded Saturday-morning detention). As a staff, they confront monsters (assignments) and fight boss battles (exams).

How to work 

Student motivation has skyrocketed because the match was implemented by the inventors in their school. The pupils’ desire to level up, coupled with the danger of in-game passing has significantly changed their relationship to courses and school. According to the inventors, the effects are profound.

Gamification with World of Classcraft

Over simply Badges

Critics of gamification argue that rewarding people with badges will only work so much, in certain conditions and with certain folks. They argue it’s just a fad. However, they’re really missing the point. Gamification isn’t only about the badges, that’s just a simple way a lot of people decide to use game mechanics to promote engagement and so forth. WoC has proven that gamification can be a rich experience that frames the whole learning process to achieve terrific results.

In contrast to other gamification attempts in school, World of Classcraft is significantly more  complicated. Students can select from 3 classes, you will find nearly 30 distinct powers and more than 100 random events may be applied to any subject matter. The options are endless making for an engaging experience which could be altered and adapted to suit the individual needs of every class.
WoC is constructing a free game engine to permit teachers all around the world to play the match with their students. A Kickstarter campaign was launched to raise funds to cover initial development and maintenance costs.


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