Gaming and Vaping

Gaming and Vaping
Gaming and Vaping

As the title suggests, gaming and vaping can go hand in hand.  If you think about gaming, we are talking about sitting around a console, a television, and a controller maneuvering a character around a virtual maze to achieve whatever goal needs achieving.  

If we think about vaping, it can also revolve around sitting around a television, taking a hit of nicotine with every puff of flavored vapor juice like vape pink.  These two activities can work together and when done together it can be beneficial for the person doing it.  Here are some of the reasons why these two can go hand and hand.

First, we have to look at the time saved.  When playing video games, players can sit hours on end trying to reach the end of a map, or destroying the boss in a game.  It is hard to take a person away from the console to eat, use the restroom, or even get nicotine to pick me up. Vaping allows you to continue to sit there and play for as long as your bladder can handle it.  You can take a quick puff from your vape and you are good to go.

Gaming and Vaping
Gaming and Vaping

You can be back to killing bad guys or joining your team in a raid. You may ask what about lighting a cigarette to get that same nicotine fix.  The reason why it would be harder to smoke a cigarette is that there is always a lingering smell with cigarette smoke and this smell can get into your furniture. To avoid this, take a puff of your sweet-smelling vape and have the smell dissipate after a few seconds.  

It is much nicer to breathe in a tropical blend of coconuts and mangoes versus cigarette smoke. In fact, there are many gaming establishments where smoking is just not allowed due to the reasons discussed above. As vape is usually more acceptable, there is a better chance that you will be able to vape and play in the gaming establishments.

Second, playing video games for extended periods of time will cause the player to fall asleep, oftentimes with a controller in their hand.  Imagine if you have a cigarette in your hand. A lit cigarette is beyond a fire hazard and a nuisance to yourself as well those around you. You could very easily fall asleep and have a lit cigarette burn your playing partner.

 That would definitely not be a good thing. With a vape, you have to press a button to activate the device. If you ended up falling asleep, you would not be able to press the button and the device would not be activated. You would also not have the ability to burn someone as the device is cool to the touch except when the button is activated.  

All in all, it is better to play video games and vape versus the alternative of smoking and vaping.  It is better for you and for those around you. And since gaming is a social activity, it is best for all-around that vaping and not smoking goes hand and hand with gaming.


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